Why Are Yankee Candles So Expensive? (Worth It?!)

Yankee Candle is a company that sells candles, among other things. They are known for their supposedly high-quality products, but many people ask and wonder why their candles are so damn expensive. In this article, we will take an in-depth look at the reasons why Yankee Candles cost as much as they do. We will also explore the ingredients that go into their candles, as well as the manufacturing process. Finally, we will give our opinion on whether or not the price is worth it and if there are far superior alternatives out there.

A photo of several expensive Yankee Candles
Yankee Candles are very popular, they are also really expensive, but are they worth it?

Why are Yankee Candles so expensive?

This is a question that we get asked a lot, and it’s one that has multiple answers. Yankee Candles are expensive because of the high-quality materials that they use, the intricate manufacturing process, and the wide range of scents and styles that they offer. Or that is what they would like you to believe at least!

So what is the truth? Why are Yankee Candles so expensive?

Well in essence you are paying a hefty price for the brand name! Yankee Candles have been made since the early 1970s, that’s right, Yankee Candles have been around for about 50 years.

The actual manufacturing cost of a Yankee Candle will be very low as in reality they do use very inferior and outdated ingredients such as Paraffin wax and synthetic fragrances.

So, in essence, Yankee Candle has stuck to the same recipe from around 50 years ago when we had less understanding about the side effects on our health, our pet’s health, and also the environment. Other companies, especially smaller niche ones have been using natural waxes like Beeswax, Soy wax, and other natural waxes for quite some time, unfortunately, Yankee Candle has not followed suit.

My only guess is that they are more interested in chasing higher profits by using cheaper ( and nasty) ingredients and still charging top rates for their products whilst riding on their long-established brand name.

Because of this, there are so many other much more deserving candle brands out there that deserve your attention. I will get into some of them further into the article.

Does Yankee Candle use expensive ingredients in their candles?

As I mentioned earlier Yankee Candle uses the cheapest of the cheap ingredients in their candles, the bulk is made up of paraffin wax.

As for the many different fragrances that they use, the majority are made of synthetic fragrance oil.

I would say that the most expensive part of a Yankee candle is the decorative candle jar that has been a mainstay in the company since the start.

In all honestly having owned my own candle-making company I believe their manufacturing cost per candle would come to no more than a couple of dollars, all the while charging $20+ for the finished product. That is quite some markup and you would think that with that much profit they might sacrifice a little bit of it to use natural, healthy, and good quality ingredients for their users.

Are Yankee Candles worth it?

I think by the tone of the rest of this post you have already guessed the answer to this question.

The bottom line is that Yankee Candles are not worth the money, they use the cheapest of ingredients (Paraffin and synthetics) and charge way too much for their products.

Sure they might smell nice when you first light them and they will continue burning as a candle should do, but just know that they are releasing some nasty chemicals into your home and the environment.

I will admit they do look nice though whilst on display so that is one bonus point to Yankee Candle.

If you want to use a Yankee product you may find their wax tarts and Yankee wax warmers better, although still paraffin the wax does not get burnt.

Are there better alternatives to Yankee Candles?

This is a resounding “Hell Yeah”. There are so many different manufacturers of candles out there that produce candles for around the same price as Yankee Candle but with all-natural ingredients, and no, I’m not talking about Bath And Body Works candles which are just as bad. I Would always recommend that you use a natural wax candle instead of the toxic paraffin wax that Yankee Candles use.

I have burned hundreds of different candles in my time, made from all different kinds of waxes such as Soy, Beeswax, and even Gel wax and personally I will always keep going back to 100% Soy wax candles.

Soy wax burns great, is safe and nontoxic, and is so much better for the environment than Paraffin wax. Soy wax also provides one of the best hot and cold scent throws of any wax.

If you would like my recommendation for an awesome natural Soy wax candle to try, I recommend this particular one from Amazon, I have used it and it smells amazing.

Final thoughts.

I hope you enjoyed this post, hopefully, it has explained why Yankee Candles are just not worth the money that they charge.

There are so many better options out there and my advice is to go for a Natural Wax such as soy, with a cotton or wood wick, and also if possible, scented with essential oils like the one I linked to above.

Andrew Scents and Aroma