What Is The Difference Between Scent, Perfume and Aroma?

With this website being called Scents And Aroma I think I am perfectly placed to answer the question abut what is the difference between “Scent”, “Aroma, and “Perfume” and that is exactly what we are going to discover in this article. Scent, perfume, and aroma are always used in related contexts because they have a … Read more

Why Does My Candle Smell Burnt? (With Easy Fixes)

Candles are a great way to relax and unwind after a long day. However, sometimes you may notice that when you’re ready to light the candle and relax it can smell burnt. In this blog post, we will discuss the most common reasons why your candle might smell like it’s burnt. Hopefully, this information will … Read more

Do Bath Bombs Expire? (Lush and Other Brands).

Bath bombs have continued to dominate the cosmetics industry after their introduction by Mo Constantine in 1989. The co-founder of Lush Cosmetics, a renowned cosmetic brand, took cosmetology to another level with her invention. Nowadays, it is quite common to find people using bath bombs in their beauty and treatment routines. Although bath bombs have … Read more