How To Remove Spilt Scentsy Wax From Surfaces (Easy Guide)

While using a Scentsy wax melt in your wax melt warmer, an accident can lead to spillage. Cleaning this might seem like a tough job, however, there are simple household items like a hairdryer, paper towel, iron, etc that you can use to clean spilled wax easily and neatly so there’s no need to fret. … Read more

Can You Use Wax Melts In An Oil Burner? (Safety And Advice)

People who love scenting their homes are often left confused by the choice of products available. Between wax melts, reed diffusers, oil burners, and scented candles, it can be difficult to know what to buy and how to use them all properly and safely. Many people think that their wax melt burner is only designed to use a certain brand of … Read more