How Does A Backflow Incense Burner Work? (Learn Here)

Should smoke travel upward or backward? Well, in a typical scenario, smoke should rise. However, this is not the case with a backflow incense burner. Unlike a stick incense burner, the smoke flows downwards.  There are different types of incense in use today, each of different shapes and sizes. Apart from stick incense, a backflow … Read more

Smokeless Incense Sticks? Here’s How to Make Them

Japanese incense is traditionally made of different natural wood barks, spices, and resins. They’re mixed with inert woods, usually cedars that don’t deliver any scent but give the incense sticks solidity. Then, Mako, a plant resin is added to bind all the ingredients together. Smokeless incense sticks include natural ingredients such as charcoal that provides … Read more

Are Incense Sticks Harmful To Pets? – Explained

Incense can generate volatile organic compounds including formaldehyde, benzene, styrene, butadiene, as well as carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide when burned, according to studies. These chemicals can negatively affect both people and animals, especially dogs and cats. Apparently, the lungs of dogs aren’t as resistant to environmental pollutants as people’s lungs. Therefore, harmful gases released … Read more