How To Make Lavender Oil At Home ( Candles And Diffusers)

Lavender oil is better than essential oil. But, you must be thinking where can you get it. The answer is you can make it at home!

If you are wondering how to make lavender oil, you simply need to soak dried lavender flowers and buds in oil for a few weeks. 

Read on to know more about how to make lavender oil or how to make a lavender oil candle, or diffuser. 

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A photo of a bottle of homemade lavender oil
Making Lavender oil at home is not as hard as you may think.

What Is Lavender Oil?

Lavender oil is one of the most popular lavender essential oil substitutes used in aromatherapy. Besides being an attractive plant in your garden, the buds or flowers can be harvested to make oils, fragrances as well as being used in teas.

Medicinal properties of lavender include being a stress reliever, treatment for insect bites, calming agent, and emotional state booster. Lavender oil is usually a homemade product that requires minimal efforts and lavender to make. 

How To Make Your Own Lavender Oil

Making homemade lavender oil is not as hard as it sounds! In fact, it takes just 5 steps. So, anyone can make it as it even requires just a handful of requirements. 

1. Get highly aromatic lavender oil. 

2. Select a glass jar and place your dried lavender flowers and buds

3. Fill the jar until it is ¾ full with your selection of oil 

4. Close the jar tight and leave it in the sun for 1 to 3 weeks till the aroma infuses into the oil. 

5. With a mesh cloth, drain out the oil. Your lavender oil is ready!

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What Type of Oil Should I Use to Make Lavender Oil?

There usually isn’t a restriction when thinking about what type of oil to use to make lavender oil. The oil that you will infuse with dried lavender flowers and buds is called Carrier oil and there are several options to choose from: 

1. Olive oil

2. Almond oil

3. Avocado oil

4. Coconut oil

5. Hemp seed oil 

6. Safflower oil

7. Sunflower seed oil

As you can see, there is a wide array of soils you can use. If you don’t have enough of one specific oil, you can even mix two oils! 

Can You Make Lavender Oil Candles?

Yes, you can make candles with lavender oil! This way, you can have that lavender scent diffuse into the air to help remove unpleasant smells and perhaps provide natural health remedies. 

There are two types of lavender oil candles you can make. A pure lavender oil candle or a lavender oil and wax candle.The former has lavender oil alone while the latter has a smaller amount of oil as there is also wax present. 

Let’s take a look at how to make lavender oil candles and lavender oil wax candles.    

Lavender Oil Candle 

These candles are exclusively made from lavender oil. Instead of wax fueling the flame, oil will. It’s a bit of a different process, but more convenient since it doesn’t involve any form of wax. 

Step 1: Find a Container 

The first step to making any candle is finding the appropriate container. Based on what substance you are using and the length and type of wick, you should choose your candle container. Given that you are using lavender oil, the container should be fairly deep. 

Considering you will be using a large amount of oil to power the candle, a medium sized container is adequate. Use heat-resistant materials such, glassware. Other materials you can use are ceramic or earthenware materials or even tin containers. 

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Step 2: Mixture Preparation

Next you will have to prepare the mixture that will help the wick continue burning. This is where your lavender oil will come in. It will keep your candle alight while also doubling up as a fresh breath of air!

There are two ways you can go about making your mixture. You can either use the lavender oil without dilution (100% lavender oil only) or you can add water (¾ water , ¼ lavender oil). 

a) Oil candles don’t let off smoke as they burn and they can last a long time, hence, being better and more cost-efficient than wax candles. 

b) Alternatively, a combination of water and lavender oil causes the soil to float to the stop. It can be topped up regularly and only requires a small amount of your precious  lavender oil.

Step 3: Decorating Your Candle 

While preparing your oil mixture, you can choose to decorate the container and add some extra elements to the mixture. These are some ways to decorate your candle.

● Rose petals, or some appealing and colorful stones can be added to the lavender oil, even though they will just sink to the bottom, they do look good! 

● If you have a natural dye, you can add it to your lavender oil. Imagine having a lavender scented and colored oil candle! 

● Use markers to draw on the container or you can wrap it in a fancy cloth to make it look less like a plain old jar.

Step 4: Putting Everything Together

Pour your mixture into the container, whichever mixture you have chosen. Fill your container till it is full enough for the flame to share light and light-up a decent circumference, around ¾ is good enough as you don’t want to overfill it. 

Now it’s time to put the wick in. 

For this a relatively thick cotton-based thread is necessary. Cut a piece of appropriate length to be the wick. To fix the wick into the mixture, you need something that will float yet hold the thread. This applies for the water and lavender oil candle. A piece of plastic with a hole will suffice. 

For a completely lavender oil based candle, a material that will sink is also okay as long as the thread remains upright and stiff. Push the anchor to the bottom with your finger or a utensil if the jar is too tall. 

That’s your lavender oil candle ready to use! 

Lavender Oil Wax Candle

A lavender oil wax candle uses more wax than oil and is an appealing diy trick for people who love burning scented candles and using natural remedies. If you already know how to make candles it’s easy to make. 

If you have lavender oil, follow the steps below to make lavender oil and wax candles. 

Step 1: Gathering Requirement 

The biggest difference between this candle and the plain lavender oil candle is the requirements. 

You have to source the candle wax. I suggest using soy wax because it lacks potentially dangerous fumes. Although it is softer and has a lower melting point, soya candles will burn for longer than your regular candles. 

Step 2: Melting and Mixing the Wax and Oil

Melt your soya flakes till they become molten. You can choose to incorporate your lavender oil into this wax mixture or you can add it to the jar just before the wax cools and hardens. 

In addition to lavender oil, you can also include lavender flowers or stems to give your candle that homemade and rustic appeal. Mix these into the molten mixture or scatter it over the semi-cooled jared mixture. 

Step 3: Fixing the Wick

Before the mixture is poured into the jar, attach an anchor to one end of the wick and sink it to the bottom. With the excess thread at the top, place two items to hold it upright while the wax cools. 

Two long objects will do the trick in holding the wick up between them. Alternatively, you can clip the wick with a long clothes peg. 

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How to Make a Lavender Oil Diffuser

An oil diffuser is a device that helps to diffuse essential oils throughout the air to spread its positive effects. It may sound expensive but there is an easier and cheaper way to make one with household items. Make one in three easy steps

1. Get a glass jar with a narrow opening and fill it with your homemade lavender oil.

2. Add a few drops of concentrated lavender essential oil (carrier oil) or another essential oil. 

3. Place reed diffuser sticks in the jar. Flip the sticks over after one hour. 

Place the jair somewhere where the oils can reach every corner of the room. 

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If you are wondering how to make lavender oil, you’ve probably found out it is easy and only requires a few materials and even fewer steps

To make lavender oil you just need dried lavender flowers, any oil, a glass jar with a lid, and two weeks of diffusion in the sun. That’s it!

With your lavender oil, you can make a lavender oil candle of lavender oil diffuser to benefit from the oil’s therapeutic properties. 

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What kind of lavender should I use to make lavender oil?

Ideally, you should use dried lavender flowers and buds as these will have the strongest and most long-lasting aromas. Fresh lavender flowers will not keep their aroma unless dried and they may not keep well while they infuse your oil. As for the particular lavender variant to use, you can use any as long as it has an intense aroma that can definitely diffuse into your oil.  

Can I burn a lavender oil candle the whole night? 

Yes, you can. However be careful about the flame being near flammable items.

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