Do Essential Oils Expire? ( Or Go Bad)

Essential oils do not expire the way food does, however, they go bad overtime, but this could take years. Oxidation, light, and heat, are the main factors that cause the gradual change and deterioration in smell, color, consistency, and effectiveness of essential oils, leading to its expiration. In this article, we will see if essential … Read more

How To Use Essential Oils To Get Better Sleep (It Really Works!)

Essential oils have been used for a variety of purposes, and helping people to sleep better is one of the benefits gained from some essential oils. From reducing stress levels, to regulating sleep patterns and easing troubled minds, essential oils are great for anyone willing to give them a try. Several essential oils are infamous … Read more

Can Using Essential Oils Cause Nausea? (Important)

Essential oils in general do not cause nausea, although certain circumstances like overuse can make you nauseous. Also, if you are sensitive to essential oils, you might feel nauseous as this is one of the symptoms you will get. In such cases, discontinue use and seek the doctor’s advice. However, on a general note, essential … Read more

Can You Use Essential Oils In A Wax Warmer?

With our stress levels at an all-time high, even wellness skeptics may be willing to apply a head-clearing essential oil in a wax melt. It is no secret that the herbal healing treatment, which dates back thousands of years and has recently been praised by everyone from supermodels to NBA stars, offers profound mind-body benefits. … Read more

Can You Put Essential Oil In A Humidifier?

The relaxing effects of lighting a candle are well known—the flicker of the match, the wick-catching light, the glorious smell that fills the room. But, after spending so much time at home, it is time to step up your wellness rituals. Discover the world of aromatherapy and essential oils. You can use essential oils for … Read more

Can You Use Essential Oils In A Wax Warmer? (Learn Here)

Wax warmers are used to heat wax melts which are hard-scented wax to release their fragrance as they melt. Some wax warmers use a tealight candle while others use electricity or light bulbs. For the former, you need to extinguish the tealight candle when you finish the melting process to ensure fire safety. You can find out more about wax warmers and wax melts in general in this guide that I … Read more