Can You Put Perfume In A Humidifier? (Read First)

Yes, you can put perfume in a humidifier, albeit, in a small amount. It is alright to want your house smelling great but since humidifiers are not air fresheners, you shouldn’t put in too much perfume. If you do so, the overwhelming smell can make it difficult to breathe. However, you will need to clean the water tank regularly if you are putting the perfume into the tank.

In this article, we will talk about the following:

  • Is it okay to put perfume in a humidifier?
  • Is it safe to put perfume in a humidifier? 
  • Is putting perfume in a humidifier safe for pets? 
  • How to add perfume to a humidifier
  • What are the safety tips for using perfume in a humidifier?
A bottle of perfume next to a humidifier
Can you use some of your favourite perfume in your humidifier to make your home smell great?

Is it Okay to Put Perfume in a Humidifier?

Yes, you can use perfume in a humidifier to freshen the air. Humidifiers add moisture to a room and improve the quality of the air in the home. Perfume can be put in a humidifier however, you should be cautious because air freshening is not the main work of the humidifier.

Also, do not put too much perfume in the humidifier. Putting excess perfume will cause the oil content to accumulate more quickly and clog the humidifier. Oil-based perfumes contain oil so they will leave residue in the water tank so it is best to add just some sprays to the water. 

Is it Safe to Put Perfume in a Humidifier?

Perfumes are a safe addition to your humidifier as long as you do not overdo it. Perfumes can move the smell of your home a nudge higher. In case you don’t have an air freshener, or you just want that extra fragrance that perfumes give, you can spray a little in your humidifier. 

Putting perfume in your humidifier becomes unsafe when you use alcohol-based perfumes. Alcohol can cause fire outbreaks when it comes in contact with sparks. When you put an alcohol-based perfume in your humidifier and it is dispersed into the air, there is the possibility of a fire outbreak. 

The chances of a fire outbreak is higher when you put a lot of perfume in the humidifier. Whether you think the odds are not against you gambling on this is not a wise decision. As such, the safest path to tread is using oil-based perfumes instead of alcohol-based perfumes.  

Another danger of using excess perfume is breathing difficulties. When overused, perfume scent can be too strong for you. You can choke on the scent and find it difficult to breathe. However, using a reasonable amount of perfume is perfectly safe. 

Is Putting Perfume in Your Humidifier Safe for Your Pets?

Your furry pets’ sense of smell is better than yours so strong smells easily affect them. That said, perfumes meant for humans are not safe for pets. They can have irritations and allergic reactions like sneezing, watery eyes, coughing, itching, etc. 

Perfumes made for animals are safe for them, but when you use general perfumes in your humidifier, it can touch their skin and cause irritation. They could also inhale the smell and this could make them sick. If you have to use perfumes in your humidifier, leave the door open for your pets so they can leave if irritated. 

How to Add Perfume to a Humidifier

There are two ways to add perfume to your humidifier. The first method is putting it directly into the water tank. Add 3 to 10 drops of scented oil to the water tank of the humidifier so it can be diffused with the water. 

Another way is to put a cotton ball dabbed with perfume on top of the mist humidifier. The scent will be diffused properly. If your humidifier has an oil tray, you can put a few drops in the tray, or on a cotton ball. This way you don’t have to add it to the water. 

Oil-based perfumes have a thick density so they will leave a residue that can clog the humidifier if the residue builds up. If you are adding the perfume directly into the water tank, you need to clean the tank regularly to prevent the oil residue from clogging the humidifier. 

What are the Safety Tips for Using Perfume in a Humidifier?

Some safety tips for using perfumes in a humidifier are:

  • Use Perfumes Moderately: The first tip is to do things in moderation. When adding perfumes to a humidifier, pay attention to how strong the smell is before considering how many drops to add. 
  • Use Oil-Based Perfume: Oil-based perfumes are the best choice for humidifiers. Though they are more likely to clog your humidifier (you’d have to clean up very often) than alcohol-based perfumes, this is the safest option. Alcohol-based perfumes are likely to cause fire outbreaks. 
  • Clean the Water Tank Regularly: If you are putting the perfume directly into the water tank, you will need to clean it often. Oil residue can build up and clog the tank, so you have to wash it frequently. 
  • Watch Out for Your Pets: If you have pets, it is best to go for safer options because perfumes are unsafe for them. However, if you must use perfumes around pets, leave a door open for them to leave when they are uncomfortable. Also, watch for any strange behavior so you can tackle it head-on. 


Perfumes can add fragrance to the home when put in a humidifier. If you want that extra scent in your home, you can add perfume to the humidifier. However, be careful not to put too much as this can cause breathing difficulties.

Putting perfume in a humidifier is not safe for pets so you might want to go for a safer option if you have a pet. Also, the best perfume option is an oil-based perfume because alcohol-based perfumes can cause fire outbreaks. If you are putting the perfume directly into the water tank, make sure you clean the tank regularly. 

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