Can You Use Yankee Wax Tarts In A Scentsy Warmer?

Candles add a warm, inviting atmosphere to any room. People often think of candles when they think of fragrances in the home. However, candles are not the only way to enjoy aromas. Have you tried Yankee wax tarts? They are awesome, however if you are using a Scentsy wax warmer you may be wondering if you can use them in it.

Yankee Candle is renowned worldwide for its delicious-smelling scents. In recent years, they have expanded into wickless candles. Their tarts come in about 20-30 different scents, and their jar melts come in 10-15 different scents. It might not seem like much, but it really adds up if you buy a lot of these. 

Several Yankee wax tarts use in this guide to find if they work in a Scentsy wax warmer
Yankee make some beautiful wax tarts and melts but will they work in your Scentsy wax warmer?

Scentsy has probably the largest selection of electronic wax warmers and scents on the market. You can choose from over 80 different aromas. Its motto is to provide a safe alternative to burning candles. Their warmers do not get hot enough to hurt kids’ fingers if they touch the wax or the warmers, and they could even bite into a Scentsy bar without getting poisoned (although I certainly would not recommend doing this!)

So without further ado can you use Yankee wax tarts in Scentsy wax warmer? You can use any wax melt in a Scentsy wax warmer no matter if it is Scentsy, Yankee or any other brand. However, it will melt better if the wax is broken into pieces and spread out in the dish. Warmers from Scentsy reach a temperature of 126 degrees, which is ideal for the full release of scent from the Yankee wax tarts formula.

Will Yankee Wax Tarts work in a Scentsy warmer? 

Yankee wax tarts last for eight hours, after which the smell gradually fades until it is gone after about ten hours. For someone who loves having their house smell fabulous all day and night, this can get really expensive really fast. Yankee’s warmers are also more costly than Scentsy’s. And the warmers from Scentsy come in a wider selection.

The price of Scentsy warmers ranges from 20-30 dollars, and yes, you can melt Yankee Wax Tarts in them. However, Scentsy claims the smell may not be as strong, and the wax may get too hot since the heat is controlled by the type of lightbulb used in each warmer. Although from my own testing it is absolutely fine and is more than likely marketing by Scentsy to get you to buy their own brand wax melts.

While we are on the subject of Scentsy wax warmers check out this beauty from the new range it looks awesome! (Don’t worry it will open from a new window)

A few weeks ago, I purchased some Yankee Wax Tarts to experiment with at home. The wax tarts work precisely as described. They stay strong for about eight hours, then slowly wane and disappear. 

If you would like to know more about how long wax melts last and how to keep them fresher for longer, check out this awesome guide that I wrote.

Is it safe to use Yankee Wax Tarts in a Scentsy wax warmer?

Different types of electric heat are used for electric wax warmers. Electric wax warmers sometimes use light bulbs for heat, such as incandescent bulbs. The wattage varies based on the wax warmer. An electric wax warmer with a bulb provides you with light and a pleasant scent. Unlike tea light wax warmers, you will not have to worry about an open flame in your home.

It doesn’t matter what type of wax you use. Just add pieces to the warmer. A scented Yankee wax tart works the same as a Scentsy one. The company will try to convince you that Scentsy wax is the only wax that works, but any scented wax will work. It is totally safe to use a Yankee wax melt in a Scentsy wax warmer without any problems at all.

Wax melts come in various types. The most common wax melts are made from paraffin wax or soy wax. You should avoid paraffin wax because it contains petroleum. Try to use a soy wax melt that is dye-free and 100% natural. Soy wax melts burn cleaner and lasts longer than paraffin.

To learn more about the best types of waxes for use in wax melts check out my guide.

Will using Yankee Wax Tarts in a Scentsy warmer break it?

It is straightforward to use wax tarts. Simply place a wax tart in your warmer or melter. Next, light your tea light or turn on your heat warmer if it’s electric. Once you have finished using them, you simply turn off the heat source or remove it, and the wax will solidify until you are ready to use it again.

When you are prepared to use the warmer again, just turn it back on or light the tea light (depending on the type of warmer you have). When you are ready to dispose of the wax melts, just allow them to harden, then heat them for a few minutes to loosen them, and they should quickly come out. Using Yankee wax tarts in a Scentsy warmer will not break it.

How can I make my Yankee Wax Tart last longer in my Scentsy Warmer?

1. Timers are helpful

Invest in a timer and set it for certain times of the day that make sense for you. By controlling when the fragrance is released, you can maximize its effect. With Scentsy Warmers, melting the wax and releasing the scent does not take longer than 30 minutes. As soon as the smell has dispersed, you don’t need to melt it any longer, so set a timer for 30 to 60 minutes.

If you set a timer to start 15-30 minutes before you get home from work (i.e., set for 5 pm-6 pm), you can step into your house smelling amazing without wasting any of your Yankee Wax Tarts during the day.

2. Regularly clean your Scentsy Dish Warmer.

Some people are lazy and throw a new tart in with the old wax. But, unfortunately, this isn’t the best way to maximize the scent of a Yankee Wax Tart. How come? Well, the best dish is a clean dish. You will be able to heat your fragrance most efficiently and release the most fragrance by cleaning the wax film that covers your dish.

3. Turn off your Scentsy warmer while cooking.

The Yankee wax tart has no business competing with the delicious food you are preparing in your house – especially foods like bacon, bacon always wins. When you are cooking, turn off the warmer, then turn it back on when the smells from the food have dispersed.

How To Dispose of Yankee Wax Tarts

You should dispose of your wax tarts in the trash after you’ve finished using them. These products contain a number of chemicals that should not be flushed down the drain, and if they harden, they can clog the pipes. Instead, pour the wax into a coffee can or other disposable container and let it cool down before disposing of it.

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