How Long Do Wax Melts Take To Set? (Don’t Rush)

So you have just whipped up your first batch of beautiful smelling wax melts or tarts and are eager to test one out. This has maybe left you wondering how long do wax melts take to set?

Well in this guide I am going to answer that question and I will also give you some ways to get the maximum scent from your melts.

After reading you will have the knowledge to make the most beautiful scented wax melts to fragrance your home.

A photo of my wax melts being poured and starting to set
It can feel like it is taking forever for your new batch of wax melts to set.

So how long does a wax melt take to set?

A typical batch of 8-10g wax melts will take roughly 30 minutes to fully set but may still be slightly warm at this point. However for maximum scent throw you should allow your wax melts at least 48 hours to 2 weeks to cure before using. This allows the fragrance oil to evenly distribute throughout the wax melt.

So that is the short and simple answer to the the question. Now I would like to take a deeper dive into the question to give you more vital information.

Can you use a wax melt straight after setting?

I know your eager to test out your new wax melts, I get it, I feel exactly the same when I am testing out a new fragrance.

With that being said can you use one of your wax melts straightaway after they have set? Earlier I mentioned that you will need to leave them for roughly 30 minutes for the wax itself to set depending on the wax melts size.

At this point the wax may still be warm to touch and feel a little bit soft still but you will be able to handle the wax melt. You may find that at this stage your wax melts could still be a little squishy depending which wax type you have used to make them.

So at this point you can actually pop one into your wax warmer to test it and start adding the scent to your home.

But stop for one second! You can seriously increase the scent throw of your wax melt if you can be a little more patient. This is especially important if you are producing wax melts to sell in your business and more so if you are using a natural wax such as Soy.

Curing your wax melts will really take them to the next level, read on to find out more.

Why you should cure your wax melts before using.

As I mentioned previously you can in reality use your wax melts as soon as they have set. You will still get great scent throw depending on your chosen fragrance.

However if you would like to get the best possible scent throw from your new batch of wax melts you need to let them cure for a minimum of 48 hours or preferably 2 weeks. This is more so important with natural waxes such as Soy, Coconut and Beeswax.

Here are the benefits of leaving your wax melts to cure after setting.

  • Vegetable waxes take much longer to actually harden with Soy wax taking around 10-14 days.
  • During the curing process the fragrance or essential oil used actually bonds to the wax molecules with even distribution.
  • The result is a much stronger and longer lasting scent throw.

If you would like to read a more in-depth guide to the curing of wax melts and all my tips and tricks have a read of the guide I wrote.

Which wax type sets the quickest?

If you are looking for the quickest setting type of wax for your wax melts the. Look no further than paraffin wax as this sets very quick and actually cures in a matter of hours compared to weeks like most vegetable waxes.

The only problem with paraffin wax melts is that they are actually not very eco friendly or sustainable and not great for your health either.

Although it takes a little longer to set, Soy wax is the best all round type of wax to use for wax melts. It’s is non-toxic, eco friendly and pretty sustainable.

To learn more about the different types of waxes available to make wax melts and candles check out my helpful guide.


I hope you have enjoyed reading along to this guide and learnt something new.

The takeaway of this article is that it only takes around 30 minutes for a wax melt to set. However it is always worth leaving your batch of wax melts for more time to allow them to cure fully.

This will lead to better performing wax melts that are also better to handle.

Leaving your wax melts to fully set and cure is essential if you plan to sell the wax melts that you make.

If you enjoyed this guide why not check out some more of my guide in the wax melt guide section of the site.

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