Can You Put Perfume In A Wax Warmer? (Bad Idea?)

There is no doubt that there are some beautiful smelling perfumes and colognes out there and that is why we spray them onto ourselves. Have you ever wondered though if you can add this perfume to your wax melts and then use it in a wax warmer to add the aroma to your home?

Well in this article we are going to look at if you can use perfume in a wax warmer. I will let you know if it is safe to do so, if it makes economical sense and also some awesome alternatives.

If you like perfume scents and want to share it with your home you are going to want to stick around to the end of the article.

A photo of my wax warmer with perfumes next to it
Can you put perfume in a wax warmer? Here are the facts.

Can you use perfume in a wax warmer?

So straight off I want to give you the quick answer to this question before taking a deeper look and then looking at alternatives.

Is it ok to use perfume in a wax warmer and wax melts? Simply put, it is a bad idea to use perfume or cologne in a wax warmer. Perfume is not designed for this use and could release harmful chemicals into your home. Also, perfume is highly flammable due to the alcohol that is used in manufacturing it, this means that it would be a real fire hazard if heated up in your wax warmer.

Above was the short answer to why it is probably a bad idea to add perfume or cologne to your wax melts and ultimately your wax warmer.

Now I want to take a deeper dive into the reasoning behind it.

The reasons why you cannot add perfume to a wax warmer.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s a really bad idea to add perfumes to your wax melts or your wax warmer.


Perfumes are made from all different types of chemicals. These chemicals were not designed to be warmed up and released into your home in a high concentrate like they would be in a wax warmer.

Doing so could actually be harmful to your health, causing damage to your airways or at best giving you a bad headache or migraine.

Fire hazard

It is a fact, perfumes and colognes are highly flammable due in part to the large amount of alcohol in their ingredients.

When it is added to either a wax melt or a wax warmer you will essentially be heating this alcohol up and causing it to evaporate into a vapour. All it will take is a spark or a flame and you will find that it sets on fire. If you are using a tea light candle wax warmer it is a real recipe for disaster.


Finally the last reason why you should not put perfume or cologne into a wax warmer is the cost.

It just does not make economic sense. For example any decent perfume (or popular ones) will cost anywhere from $40 to $100. In reality you are going to have to add quite a bit of it to your wax warmer for it to have any effect.

That over time would work out to be very pricey and honestly with the above risks not worth it.

How to get perfume scents without using perfume

So earlier in this article I promised you that I would give you an alternative to using perfume in your wax warmer.

It does not matter which lovely perfume scent that you prefer from your favourite designer brands it will be available as a fragrance oil. Candle and wax melt manufacturing suppliers sell all different “dupe” fragrance oils.

I use many different ones from Mugler Alien to Armani Diamonds and each one has been absolutely spot on and smells like the original perfume. However these have actual been designed to be used inside of wax melts and candles and are made for wax warmers.

If you are not ready to start making your own wax melts yet with your favourite scents you will find that you can actually buy wax melts in your favourite scents from Etsy. Numerous sellers on Etsy sell high quality wax melts with all of the popular perfume fragrances and I definitely recommend that you check them out.


I really hope that you have enjoyed reading this post and have learnt something new and interesting.

The takeaway from it is that using perfume or cologne in a wax warmer is a bad idea and should not be done under any circumstance.

However it is very easy to buy fragrance oils or even ready to use wax melts that are made with your favourite perfume scents.

If you would like to know more about wax melts and how to use them correctly have a read of this article that I wrote. It is packed full of vital information to help you get the most out of you me wax melts.

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