Do Wax Melts Evaporate? (Useful Information)

These days wax melts are a popular alternative to candles. They come in different shapes and sizes with delightful scents. Another great benefit is that they’re a lot safer than standard candles. However, sometimes they still confuse people. 

They’ll often ask this question: do wax melts evaporate? 

It’s easy to see what they’re thinking. If wax melts, you can enjoy the scent for longer. While wax melts don’t evaporate like candles, the scent still dissipates into the air. No wonder they are popular!

When the smell disappears, it’s time to get rid of your old wax melts and get a new one. They can even be more economical than scented candles with a similar effect. 

Check out our guide to wax melts below. 

Wax Melts vs. Candles

The main difference between wax melts and candles is that you don’t need to light the former. 

This is great news if you have small children. Accidents can happen so quickly and easily. Maybe they knock the candle over and it ignites a small fire. In the worst-case scenario, they could even burn themselves. 

Nobody wants to experience that!

Another problem with candles is the mess that they often leave behind. They can stain the wall beside them or the surrounding surface as the wax melts and soot falls. In contrast, wax melts are a lot cleaner. 

There is also far less risk with wax melts. 

Most wax melts are flameless so you don’t need to light them. Nor does the wax evaporate in the same way as standard candles. 

Candles release soot into the air and can exacerbate many health problems. They often contain carcinogens and can inflame respiratory problems. Wax melts are much healthier in comparison. 

Nonetheless, they still emit a lovely scent that will fill the entire room.

Finally, they can make more convenient gifts than regular scented candles as they are cheaper. It’s not easy to choose a fragrance for somebody if you don’t know their taste. 

Why not buy several wax melts for them instead? 

They’re also aesthetically pleasing and if you buy different scents the receiving person will surely enjoy at least one of them.

How Wax Melts Work

Everybody knows how to use a traditional candle. Simply light the wick and leave it to burn. However, wax melts work slightly differently. 

There are two types of wax melts. Let’s look at these now. 

  1. Electric Wax Melts

Electric wax melts are popular because they are entirely flameless. Typically they utilize either an electric warmer or a hot plate. This melts the wax at a much lower temperature than a naked flame. 

As a result, the wax doesn’t evaporate. One of the best parts of this is that they last for much longer than candles. Most of them will burn for about 20 hours.

Now you’re probably looking for a downside. After all, they probably don’t smell as strong as candles. But this isn’t true. 

Believe it or not, wax melts hold more fragrance. 

  1. Tealight Wax Melts

The other option is tealight wax melts. 

Unlike their electric equivalents, a flame is required. However, not in the way that you’re thinking. Typically you will place the wax melt in a holder before putting a tealight candle underneath it. 

Of course, they aren’t as safe as electric wax melts but they do have their advantages. 

Firstly, they’re aesthetically pleasing. The holders are usually pretty to the eye while the overall effect is attractive. One common complaint about electric wax melts is that they aren’t as romantic. However, tealight wax melts solve this issue.  

Another benefit is that tealight wax melts are usually cheaper than normal scented candles. You can enjoy the same fragrance while saving money. 

For a more detailed guide on what wax melts are and how they work check out my guide

What Kind of Wax? 

Not every wax melt is created equally. Let’s look at how you can buy the best types and enjoy their full effect. 

Wax melts are usually made from paraffin or soy. It probably won’t come as much of a surprise that soy wax is much better for the environment than the alternative option. Paraffin is a derivative of oil so it’s not eco-friendly.

Soy wax is cleaner and burns longer so it’s a no-brainer. 

Another alternative is beeswax but there are several problems with this industry. Critics point to the stark decline in the global honeybee population. The mass production of beeswax spreads disease throughout the species and is generally damaging. 

This is a great situation where the vegan option is cheaper, longer-lasting, and generally better than the alternatives. 

Making the Most of Wax Melts 

Wax melts last longer than candles regardless of how you treat them. But there are still a few ways to maximize their effectiveness over a greater period. 

Always use your older wax melts first. 

That’s because wax melts can lose their scent over time when you store them away. It’s frustrating when they don’t produce a beautiful fragrance when you want them to. 

It’s also important to store them in a dark place. Sunlight is not good for them because it can melt the wax and trigger the release of the scent. An air-tight container is advisable because the open air can also affect the wax. 

This way you can enjoy your melts for longer!

What to Do With Leftover Wax Melts

Just because your wax melts have lost their scent doesn’t mean that they’re useless. There are still a few things you can do with them. 

  1. Make Homemade Tealights

This is a fantastic idea if you use tealight wax melts because you’re completing the circle of life. 

Save your now-scentless wax melts and melt them down into tealight holders. It’s easy to find candle wicks in craft shops and online. Wick the tiny candles before using them to meet your new wax melts!

  1. Fire Lighters

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that wax burns. 

You can transform leftover wax melts into firelighters during those cold winter months. This is very easy to do. You can simply wrap the melt in a paper towel before igniting them with a lighter. 

Better than just throwing them in the bin! Check out my guide to 7 Amazing things that you can use leftover wax melts for it is quite inspiring!

Final Thoughts

Wax melts are a fantastic alternative to candles because of the safety aspect. 

If you’re using an electric version then you don’t have to worry about forgetting about them. Usually, tealights are a lot safer than larger candles too. As the old saying goes: the bigger they are, the harder they fall. 

Meanwhile, because the wax doesn’t melt you can enjoy their fragrances for longer. It’s also more economical to use different wax melts at once because they last for longer. 

This is something you probably wouldn’t do with regular wax melts. 

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