Are Bath Bombs Safe For Kids? (Read First)

Generally, bath bombs are safe, but kids have sensitive skin, so bath bombs meant for grown-ups are unsuitable. Luckily, some bath bombs are made especially for kids, and they are safe. Still, other factors can affect how safe your bath bomb is for your kids. 

In this article, we will answer the following questions:

  • Are bath bombs okay for children to use?
  • Are lush bath bombs safe for kids?
  • Can kids be allergic to essential oils in bath bombs?
  • What are the safety tips for using bath bombs?
A photo of a lush bath bomb for kids
Bath bomb are great and create a very relaxing bathing experience but are they safe for kids?

Are Bath Bombs Okay for Kids to Use?

The safety of using bath bombs for kids depends on the kind of bath bomb. There are bath bombs made specifically for kids, and they can be used for children of age three and above. Below this age, children’s skins are still too sensitive, and they might get irritations, allergies, and even infections. 

As a general rule, opt for bath bombs that contain mainly natural ingredients. Most bath bombs contain dyes, synthetic fragrances, Sodium Lauryl Ether Sulfate (SLES), or Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). While these ingredients are not listed as unsafe and are used in most skin care products, your kids might react to them, so it’s best first to do a patch test. 

Also, since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) doesn’t mandate cosmetic companies to list their fragrances, anything can be added under the guise of fragrant, so for your child’s safety, go for trusted brands. 

Unfortunately, some bath bombs have extra ingredients that might not be safe, like glitters, and talc, which gives bath bombs a chalky feel. To make sure you are getting a safe bath bomb for your kids, always look at the ingredient list before buying.

What are Bath Bombs Made of?

Bath bombs are single-use bathing products that fizzle when dropped into the bath water. They are basically made of sodium bicarbonate 

(baking soda), citric acid, and a blend of essential oils and fragrances. Dyes can be added for coloring. Other ingredients are added, depending on the product. 

For kids, bathing might be an uncomfortable experience, so parents try to renew the joy by using bath bombs. These colorful bombs sometimes come with surprise toys, too (more fun for your kiddies). Bath bombs, when used appropriately, add excitement to the bathing experience. 

Are Lush Bath Bombs Safe for Kids?

Constantine, the founder of Lush, was the first to make bath bombs and although Lush bath bombs are expensive they are very popular. Lush bath bombs for kids are considered safe. Its bath bomb, specially made for children, is called the Lush Ickle Baby Bot. These blue bath bombs, shaped like robots, help put babies to sleep after a warm bath. 

Ickle Baby Bot is made of Sodium Bicarbonate, Citric Acid, Lavender Oil, Sandalwood Oil, Chamomile blue oil, limonene, fragrance, Blue 1, Green 3 food dye.

The essential oils used in Lush bath bombs are suitable for children three months and above. However, essential oil aside, it’s best to use bath bombs for kids above three years. Also, Ickle Baby Bot has synthetic additives like dyes and fragrances, so watch out for possible reactions on your child’s skin. 

On the plus side, unlike most bath bomb products, Ickle Baby Bot doesn’t contain SLS or SLES that produces foam. The downside of these chemicals, especially the harsher SLS, is that they can remove the naturally occurring oils on the child’s skin, leading to dryness.

Can Kids Be Allergic to Essential Oils in Bath Bombs?

Yes, kids can be allergic to essential oils in bath bombs. Firstly, essentials are not suitable for use under three months; however, the age varies, depending on the essential oil. Although, even after following the age specification, it is still possible that your kid is allergic to one essential oil or another. 

This is especially true for kids with underlying breathing problems like asthma. While bath bombs are not meant to be inhaled, the smell of the essential oil in the bathtub might be overwhelming for kids with breathing issues. 

In case of allergic reactions, ensure you consult a doctor to diagnose the symptoms correctly. When necessary, discontinue use. Bath bombs that use essential oils considered harmful to kids should be avoided. It is essential to know the age specifications of different essential oils before purchasing a bath bomb. 

More importantly, do not use adult bath bombs for kids as they are not tailored to meet the health needs of children. 

What are the Safety Tips to Consider when Using Bath Bombs for Kids?

When buying bath bombs for your kids, keep the following safety tips in mind:

  • Go for Natural Products: Bathing bombs that use fewer artificial products are best for kids. Especially avoid bath bombs with harsh fragrances and talcum powder. 
  • Consider the Age Bracket: Bath bombs should not be used for children under three because of their susceptible skin. When using bath bombs, also check if the essential oil used is safe for your child.
  • Don’t use Bath Bombs Made for Adults: Use only bath bombs designed for children.
  • Kids should be told not to drink or sip the water. They should also avoid dipping their face into the water. 
  • Frequency: Your child might want to use bath bombs every day. This is not advisable. Bath bombs that use SLS or SLES can cause dryness over time, so it’s best to use them occasionally. Constant exposure to dyes can also be unhealthy. 
  • Rinse after Bathing: Ensure that your kids rinse off or shower thoroughly after using bath bombs to remove any residue that might be left. 
  • Consult the Doctor: If your child has skin problems, consult your doctor before using bath bombs. Also, in case of any allergy, see the doctor immediately. 
  • Try DIY: If you are uncomfortable with the ingredients in the bath bombs you see around, it’s pretty easy to make one. You can consider this a better option than buying. 


Bath bombs are bathing products made with dry ingredients; they fizzle when dropped in water, releasing the elements. Bath bombs that are made for kids are safe. This doesn’t mean that your kid might not experience reactions to some ingredients in the bath bomb. In such cases, see the doctor and discontinue use. Also, when going for bath bombs, choose the ones with natural ingredients and safe artificial ingredients. 

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