Do Bath Bombs Make Bubbles? The Surprising Truth

Who doesn’t love a good old bath bomb when they are trying to relax after a hard day. Floating around in the tub, filled with essential oils, it truly is bliss. However, there is one question that often pops up when someone is thinking about trying bath bombs for the first time and that question is “Do bath bombs make bubbles?”. Well in this guide we will be answering that question in depth along with some other awesome information.

A photo of some Lush intergalactic bath bombs that I use
Bath bombs like these create a wonderfully aromatic and relaxing bath however do they make bubbles?

Do bath bombs make bubbles?

Do bath bombs make bubbles? The answer to this question is no, they do not make bubbles. Bath bombs are a popular type of bath product that often contain ingredients like baking soda or sodium bicarbonate, citric acid, and essential oils. These ingredients create a fizzy chemical reaction when they come into contact with water, which is why bath bombs are often called “fizzies.” While these products do produce some bubbles, they are not the primary source of bubble action in baths. So if you’re looking for an extra bubbly bath experience, you’ll need to look elsewhere!

How many bubbles does a bath bomb create?

I have tried many different brands of bath bombs and even made my own and non of them have made true bubbles.

I think the best way to describe what is produced is kind of more like a fizzy froth. Not the most pleasant sounding explanation I suppose but it is a wonderful smelling froth of colors and pleasure.

Have a look at the image below to see exactly what I mean, notice that there are bubbles but they are so small and fine. They also disappear pretty quickly leaving the water totally free of any bubbles.

A close up photo showing the bubbles or froth created by a bath bomb.
Bath bombs do not create bubbles as such they create a scented and soothing foam or froth,

Why don’t bath bombs create bubbles?

Bath bombs work by producing a chemical reaction between the sodium bicarbonate and the citric acid inside them and the water. This reaction creates carbon dioxide gas, which is what makes the fizzing noise when you drop a bath bomb into the tub.

The carbon dioxide gas also dissolves into the water, creating tiny bubbles. However, these bubbles are very small and they rise to the surface of the water quickly, where they pop. This is why you might see a few bubbles when you first drop a bath bomb into the water, but they won’t last long.

Usually, to create a bubbly bath experience you would need a soap-type mixture and unfortunately, bath bombs do not contain any of that.

Does it matter that bath bombs do not create bubbles?

The answer to this question is a resounding no, bath bombs do not need to create bubbles to have their desired effect. The idea of a bath bomb is to create a colorful, aromatic, and relaxing bath where you can truly unwind.

If you are willing to buy a good bath bomb from somewhere like Lush it will be packed with essential oils and carrier oils such as sweet almond, and also sometimes Shea butter. These combinations are amazing for keeping your skin soft, smooth, and healthy.

Adding bubbles to this would not make the experience any more exciting than it already is.

Is there something like a bath bomb that creates bubbles?

There are now products on the market that are actually like a bath bomb and create some bubbles. These are called bubble bars.

They are created like a bath bomb and still filled with all of the lovely essential oils except instead of coming in a round bomb shape they actually come as a colorful bar.

When you want to get a bubbly bath you simply break off some of your bar and add it to the water, this will create an aromatic bubbly bath.

Final thoughts.

So do bath bombs make bubbles, the answer is no they do not. But they still provide an amazingly relaxing and skin-loving experience. If you want a more bubbly bath then look for a product called a bubble bar which will provide all of the essential oils from a bath bomb but with added bubbles as well.

Andrew Scents and Aroma