Do Bath Bombs Expire? (Lush and Other Brands).

Bath bombs have continued to dominate the cosmetics industry after their introduction by Mo Constantine in 1989. The co-founder of Lush Cosmetics, a renowned cosmetic brand, took cosmetology to another level with her invention. Nowadays, it is quite common to find people using bath bombs in their beauty and treatment routines.

Although bath bombs have several cosmetic advantages, using sub-par bath variations may not prove effective as you may hope. Hence, most people tend to ask if bath bombs expire. The answer is indeed a resounding yes. Bath bombs expire due to certain factors, which we’ll discuss further down. We will tell you why bath bombs expire and the duration it takes for these bath bombs to become obsolete.

A photo of an expired bath bomb that has started to crumble apart.
Bath bombs are a real luxury but did you know that just like foods they have an expiry date.

Do Bath Bombs Go Bad?

Bath bombs also go bad, just like food. These cosmetics go bad because their ingredients have recommended shelf lives. Hence, once these ingredients expire, the bath bombs no longer seem to work as expected.

Generally, bath bombs contain several natural ingredients like baking soda and citric acid, along with essential oils and body butters. Bath bombs would enjoy a longer shelf life left to baking soda alone. However, citric acid begins to lose its effectiveness after a while. Hence, the more your bath bombs last, the less effective they become. You can increase your bath bomb’s shelf life by preventing the citric acid from losing its potency. To prevent citric acid from expiring, you must store it under standard and acceptable conditions. We will discuss how to preserve your bath bombs later in our article.

What Makes Bath Bombs Expire?

Several factors lead to the expiration of bath bombs. Bath bombs undergo an acid-base reaction when exposed to water or moisture. The longer these ingredients get exposed to the water or moisture in the air, the faster they expire. Hence, bath bombs tend to lose their fizz when exposed more.

The head of product development at Lush Cosmetics, Jack Constantine, notes that fresher bath bombs have more potency than older ones. Another factor that could lead to the expiration of your bath bomb is the date of manufacture. The shelf life of bath bombs is usually six months. Hence, it would help to buy freshly prepared bath bombs from the local store.

The best way to get freshly prepared bath bombs is to check the date presented on the product’s packaging. If you notice that the bath bomb has an old production date, it would be best not to purchase it. You can purchase bath bombs produced two months earlier than the production date. However, you can buy four-month-old products if you can use the bath bombs before the expiration date.

Another thing to look out for when buying bath bombs is the packaging. To prevent contamination, make sure your bath bombs are packaged tightly. Also, ensure to close your container after use. In addition, ensure not to mix soaps or other substances in your bath bombs container. The mixture may cause your bath bomb potency to deteriorate faster.

A photo of several shelves in a Lush store showing the different varieties of bath bombs that they stock.
Lush is a very popular brand of bath bomb that are quite expensive but these too have and expiry date.

How to Tell if a Bath Bomb Has Expired

We have already established that these bath bombs’ natural ingredients make them eligible for expiry. But how do you know if your bath bomb has expired? Simple. You can look out for certain signs that come with bath bomb expiration. Some important signs that let you know your bath bombs may have expired include poor results when submerged in water and lack of fizz. Regular, potent bath bombs produce strong fizzes when submerged in water, and they may have expired while in storage if you do not see any strong fizz while using your bath bomb.

Your bath bombs could have expired when you notice discoloration or an acrid smell. You could also perceive an acidic smell or notice moldy growth on the outside of your bath bomb. These signs indicate that your bath bomb may have expired while in storage.

The duration of your bath bombs can also inform you of their potency. Most bath bombs last about three to six minutes after submerging in water. However, once the bath bombs become bad, they no longer last long. If you notice that your bath bomb no longer lasts as it used to, it would be best to get a new one.

Can You Still Use an Expired Bath Bomb?

It is not advisable to use an expired bath bomb. Using an expired bath bomb could lead to adverse effects, which may differ from person to person. Moreover, you will not enjoy the full benefits of using a bath bomb when using an expired product.

You may not enjoy skin improvement, which is one of the best benefits of using a good bath bomb. Instead, you could experience skin allergies and other side effects. The mold on the bath bombs could also cause potentially dangerous skin infections.

Instead of helping you to relax, a bad bath bomb could cause irritation and discomfort to the body. Hence, using freshly prepared bath bombs from reputable brands is always advisable to avoid side effects.

Are Expired Bath Bombs Safe to Use?

You can use expired bath bombs. However, you may end up with disappointing results. It’s better to remain safe than sorry when using products that can expire. Like food, expired bath bombs could have adverse effects if used. Hence, it is advisable to dispose of any expired bath bomb to avoid an allergic reaction or irritation.

It will help if you dispose of the product if you notice any signs of expiration while using your bath bomb. Such signs include loss of fizz, discoloration, mold growth, or unpleasant smells. Always use freshly prepared bath bombs to experience top-tier effects.

Can Bath Bombs Go Moldy?

Yes, bath bombs do get moldy. Always dispose of your bath bombs if you notice any moldy growth on your product. Moldy growth usually means the product has lost its potency. To avoid some health problems, do not use any bath bomb that has moldy growth.

How to Store Bath Bombs to Keep Them Fresh

You can store your bath bombs in a particular way to increase their shelf life and, in turn, improve their potency. We recommend that you store your bath bombs in their original packaging. Furthermore, it would help to follow the instructions on the product’s package.

It would also help to keep your products away from direct heat or sunlight. Preferably, it would help if you store your bath bombs in a dark, cool cupboard without moisture. Moisture reduces the potency of your bath bombs. Thus, it won’t help to store your products in a refrigerator or any other cool place with moisture.

Another environment to avoid is humid, hot, and damp conditions. These conditions will cause the shelf life of your bath bombs. If you live in such conditions, you may have to use your bath bombs quickly to avoid spoilage.


Like food, bath bombs expire once their ingredients exceed their shelf life. The typical shelf life of bath bombs is six months. Hence, it is advisable always to buy freshly prepared products to get the best results when using bath bombs.

Although you may not experience side effects from expired bath bombs, it is better to remain safe than sorry. Also, some people experience adverse effects like irritation and skin allergies. Moldy growth, foul smells, and deterioration in potency are a few signs you can use to detect expired bath bombs.

If you want pure and efficient results, obtaining your bath bombs from reputable brands is best. One of such brands is Lush Cosmetics. In addition, you can prepare your bath bombs at home if you are up for it. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid side effects when using these products.

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