Is Lemon Essential Oil Safe For Dogs? (No, it’s Not)

Lemon essential oils offer various health benefits for humans primarily because of their natural components. The chemical substance soothes the nerves and relieves various bodily issues in humans. However, just because lemon essential oil is natural and safe for humans it does not mean that it is safe for dogs. So let’s get straight into … Read more

Is Peppermint Essential Oil Safe For Dogs? (The Facts)

Essential oil and its use for treating everything and anything are becoming popular. Besides humans, essential oil use is also spreading to include using peppermint oils to treat dogs. However, although the essential oils are mostly safe for humans, we cannot say the same for our furry friends. So, is peppermint essential oil safe for dogs? Or … Read more

Are Essential Oils Flammable? (Keep Safe)

With how common essential oils are, people tend to use them for many things. The different functionalities range from use on the skin, kitchen floors, pets, candles, diffusers etc. Nonetheless, there are still debates on whether essential oils offer significant health benefits or not.  I won’t give an opinion on essential oil for therapeutic and aromatic … Read more

Is Sandalwood Essential Oil Safe For Dogs?

Essential oils have never been more popular because people want to improve their lives without ingesting synthetic chemicals.  One of the most popular is sandalwood essential oil. This expensive item comes from the wood of the East Indian and Australian sandalwood trees. Its proponents claim that this natural by-product has many benefits.  But is sandalwood … Read more

Fragrance Oils Vs Essential Oils in Candles. (Which Is Best?)

A photo I took of a variety of different fragrance oils and essential oils

The days when candles used to be the primary source of light and illumination are far behind us. Regardless, candles are still relevant. Besides uses for lighting, candles have gained popularity for adding ambience and scents to a living space.  Deciding on which of the two candles is best depends on your preference and a … Read more