Is Soy Wax Edible? (You May Be Suprised)

Whilst looking around the Internet for questions that I could answer in one of my articles I came across a strange one.

It is one that I did not have an answer for and one that I had to research and then test out for myself.

The question was:

“Is Soy wax edible and what does it taste like?”

So with that interesting question in mind, below is what I found from my research and own experiment.

A handful of pure and natural soy wax that I ate.
There may not be much in the way of nutritional benefits but is soy wax edible?

Is soy wax edible?

So let’s dive into the main question before we get into what it tastes like.

So is Soy Wax edible? Put simply, in its raw form before fragrance oil is added and turned into candles, Soy wax is completely edible and non-toxic. Soy wax is also not carcinogenic like other waxes and is a completely natural product that is made from the oil of Soybeans.

Well that kind of put my mind at rest before snacking on some Soy wax pellets!

A word of warning.

Before you stick your hand on your bag of Soy wax and chomp down on it I have a brief warning to give to you.

Not all Soy wax is edible unless it is pure.

You really need to watch out for any Soy Wax that is labelled as “Soy wax blend”. This misleading label can make you think that you are dealing with Soy wax. I see lots of people making candles and wax melts from this and selling them as pure Soy wax candles.

The truth of the matter is that Soy wax blend is exactly what the name suggests, a blend of Soy wax. What it often is blended with is paraffin wax. I’m sure that many of you know that paraffin wax is actually slightly toxic and carcinogenic.

So unless you are 100% sure that your Soy wax is pure, please do not try to eat it.

What does Soy wax taste like?

Not one to shy away from an experiment I decided I was going to find out what Soy wax was like to eat.

I took a small handful of Soy wax pellets and put them in my mouth.

I want to be completely level and honest with you. It was not a pleasant experience.

Soy wax may be edible but it certainly is not a food source. The only way I can describe it is that it is like eating wax, pretty ironic.

As the wax slowly heated in my mouth it was almost a grease like texture that coated my mouth and teeth and it did not seem to want to come off.

As for the taste, we’ll there was not really any taste to it, just awful texture and not much else.

My final thoughts on eating Soy wax.

I can wholeheartedly recommend that you do not try to eat Soy wax.

It is completely edible, non toxic and safe to eat but it contains absolutely zero nutrition or health benefits that I am aware of. It is also a really horrible experience and one that I had to brush my teeth several times to get rid of.

The fact is that Soy wax is awesome for creating beautiful scented candles, sense tingling wax melts and soothing Soy body lotions however it is a terrible foodstuff.

If you want my advice leave the Soy wax for what it was intended for and eat something nice and tasty instead.

I really hope you have enjoyed reading this article, if you have why not check out one of my other experiments. I recommend the one where I made a Soy candle with a toothpick wick, it’s an interesting read.

Andrew Scents and Aroma