Are Beeswax Candles Safe And Non Toxic? (The Truth)

Beeswax candles are getting more popular these days. They have been touted as a simple and healthier alternative to the conventional candles, which are usually made using paraffin wax. For people looking for that natural feeling and scent, beeswax candles could actually be the ideal solution. 

However, some people still have some concerns, people are becoming increasingly concerned about the burning of candles and the risks that may bring. So with that in mind, are beeswax candles safe and non toxic?

A lot of people believe that all candles are dangerous to some degree, as long as they burn substances. The debate over the safety of beeswax candles has been raging for quite a while, and we’re here to provide some clarity. 

A beautiful beeswax candle with honeycomb design and a model bee.
Beeswax candles are growing in popularity but are they safe and non toxic?

So, are beeswax candles safe? Candles that are made with beeswax are as natural as a candle can get. The beeswax material is made without any chemical processes, and the candles themselves are usually made without any preservatives of GMOs. For these reasons beeswax candles are completely safe and non-toxic.

Several types of candles have been touted recently, with paraffin being more notorious for its possible side effects. However, whether for humans or the environment, there’s no denying that beeswax candles are among the safest.

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How Are Beeswax Candles Made? 

Like other candle variants, beeswax candles come with different manufacturing methods. However, the most popular method is the simplest – one which involves just the beeswax and the wick. 

As we all know, beeswax is a completely natural material. Manufacturers can use it as they please to make candles, and they don’t need to add any preservatives or chemicals to the mix. Interestingly, you could even make a beeswax candle at home if you like. Just get some beeswax, your wick, and a glass jar. Place the wick in the middle of the jar and pour the melted beeswax into it. Wait for the beeswax to set and dry, and your candle is ready to be lit. 

Beeswax candles are great for several reasons, including and especially their ease of production. You don’t need any additional materials, and you can make the candles on your own at home. 

But, the health benefit is definitely also present. Beeswax is an entirely natural material, and burning it won’t release any harmful toxins or other materials into the air. This makes beeswax candles great for most people. 

Do Beeswax Candles Contain Toxins?

Beeswax candles don’t contain any toxins. This is actually one of the top reasons why they are so popular. The beeswax material itself is obtained naturally, and as long as it is extracted properly, it shouldn’t have any toxins in it whatsoever. 

However, this isn’t to say that some manufacturers can’t or won’t put harmful materials in their beeswax candles. Some manufacturers add preservatives with the beeswax material with the hope that the candles will last longer. Some of these materials could cause reactions when they come in contact with fire, and they could be pretty harmful to people who have respiratory issues. 

In general, however, beeswax candles are entirely safe. As stated earlier, you can make the candles on your own without any preservatives or chemicals that could harm you. With their safety and ease of use, beeswax candles are definitely a great option to have. 

Are Beeswax Candles Good for Your Health?

Fans of beeswax candles have been quick to tout some of their benefits – especially over some other natural candle options like Soywax candles. If you’re unsure about the benefits, here are a few of them for you to consider: 

No Chemical Compounds Available 

Beeswax is entirely natural, with no chemicals in it whatsoever. It has been used in making candles for centuries, and it is renowned for its completely natural composition. 

However, it is important to note that some manufacturers might claim to make beeswax candles while actually selling those made of paraffin. There are no regulations that govern the disclosure of ingredients in candles in some countries, so some manufacturers could make candles that contain more paraffin than beeswax while still labeling them as “beeswax candles.”

Environmental Benefits

Candles made of 100% beeswax are natural and eco-friendly. They are completely safe, and they don’t contain any toxins that could constitute an environmental hazard. 

When made properly, beeswax undergoes no form of chemical processing. The material is also biodegradable, so it won’t harm the environment after it is burned. Since it isn’t oil-based, the beeswax will burn cleanly and emit just a small amount of smoke which mainly comes from the wick itself. 

Really, as long as you don’t cause a fire due to your beeswax candle, you don’t have any safety concerns whatsoever. 

Natural Fragrances 

Beeswax candles smell pretty great. They have a natural scent, thanks to the floral nectar and honey constituent. Compare this to paraffin candles, which could contain synthetic fragrances and artificial dyes. These dyes and fragrances could contain stains and toxins, which would be damaging to the environment.  

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Beeswax candles have a high melting point, meaning that they will burn for even longer than many other candle types. Typically, a beeswax candle dependant on size can take up to 40 hours to burn. Have a look at my helpful guide if you would like to know more about candle burning times.

This makes them efficient and much more convenient to use generally.  

Brightness and Bloom

Beeswax candles emit natural light that is of the same spectrum as the sun. theirs is the most natural and beautiful form of light you can have, and they’ll beautify your surroundings effortlessly. 

Even better, beeswax candles burn even better over time. You notice a white film of light when the candle has burnt for a period – something not available in the synthetic candles. With a brilliant and strong light, beeswax candles give the same ambiance as natural sunlight. 

Offering Negative Ions

Beeswax candles are still the only type of candles that emit negative ions. These ions cleanse and purify the air, improving its quality and making it more breathable. Think of them as nature’s very own ionizer. 

Negative ions can also charge your body. They increase the flow of oxygen to your brain, making you more alert and reducing effects such as drowsiness and mental lethargy. You’ll be more alert and ready to face the day’s challenges with these candles. 

Allergy Reductions

Beeswax candles are hypo-allergenic, meaning they benefit people with environmental sensitivities and allergies. If you’ve got asthma or some other respiratory condition, these candles will definitely do a great deal to help you. 


Beeswax candles are highly popular these days. Their natural composition makes them a great alternative to some of the most notorious candle types, and they do a great deal to keep you comfortable and safe. 

While some people do have concerns about beeswax candles, you should be confident about purchasing them as beeswax candles are safe and non toxic when bought from a reputable seller.

Besides their natural composition, these candles offer a broad range of benefits for all types of users. 

You can even make beeswax candles on your own, and you’ll find that they are a terrific option for you. 

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