Free Online Candle And Wax Melt Fragrance Oil And Wax Calculator

Below you will find a free to use fragrance oil and wax calculator that will calculate the perfect amount of wax and fragrance oil for your candles and wax melts.

You can use this calculator to find out exactly how much fragrance oil you should use per candle. Along with this the calculator will work out how much wax you need to use to perfectly fill your container.

You can also work out how much essential oils you need to use with this calculator.

If you are making your candle in batches or bulk there is also the option to enter how many candle are in your batch so that you can work out the total weight of wax and fragrance oil to complete your candles.

If you are making candles in batches to sell for business purposes I highly recommend this candle wax melter, It melts large quantities of wax to your desired temperature very quickly, saving you time, wastage and more importantly helps to create extra profit.

Why is it important to use a fragrance oil calculator?

It is so important to use a fragrance oil calculator to work out the amount of fragrance oil and wax that you need in your candles and wax melts. below are some of the reasons why:

Scent throw

To achieve the perfect scent throw from you candles and wax melts you need to get the correct balance of wax to fragrance oil ratio. Too much fragrance oil in the wax will stop it from working correctly, too little fragrance oil and your scented candle will have no scent.


By using the below calculator to work out you fragrance and wax needs you will make up only the ingredients that you actually need. This stops wastage and ultimately if you are making your candles and wax melts for business purposes it will result in higher profit margins.

Candle quality

If you add to much fragrance to your candles it can cause issues with wax curdling, cracking and also frosting. Not only do these problems look ugly they can have a detrimental effect on your candles performance.

How to use the fragrance calculator.

The calculator is pretty straightforward to use really, however here is a little help guide for first time users.

  1. Container field: Enter the total weight that your candle container or wax melt mold can take in wax and fragrance oil in grams.
  2. Total number of containers: If you are making a single candle enter 1, if you are making a batch enter how many candles in total.
  3. Percentage of fragrance: using the slider button select the percentage of fragrance oil you want to use for your candle. If you are unsure how much fragrance oil your wax can hold consult the manufacturer. As a rule of thumb most candle and wax melt makers will use around 6-10% fragrance oil.
  4. After you have entered these details the calculator will give you the results of wax and fragrance oil needed to complete a single candle and if you entered batch details it will also calculate this.

Thank you for using my fragrance oil calculator and i wish you the best of luck with your candles and wax melts!

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