Can You Mix Candle Fragrance Oils? (Safety Tips)

Scented candles are meant to bring a beautiful and appealing scent to your home or space. So many fragrances already exist but you may sometimes want new and exciting ones, or you may just feel like doing some experimenting! This is why the question of whether you can mix candle fragrance oils comes about,

In this guide, I will show you whether or not mixing candle fragrance oils is safe. 

There is a vast range of candle fragrances and everyone has something that makes them happy. You might not want to settle for any random scent on the market so you should know whether or not your fragrance dreams are possible. 

This guide will focus around the mixing of fragrance oils and not essential oils. If you would like to know the differences check out this helpful guide that I wrote.

This photo shows different bottles of candle fragrance oil ready to mix
Mixing candle fragrance oils can make lots of new and wonderful scents, however is it safe to do so?


Candle fragrance oils can definitely be mixed to your heart’s desire. Combining scents is a terrific way to expand the palette of your nose. Blending perfumes is a great process to try something new. You could just want to combine your favorite scents or create something altogether new that isn’t on the market and both ways are completely fine. 

Blending fragrances is a wonderful approach to creating your own one-of-a-kind perfumes that aren’t handy anyplace else. It also allows you to experiment with the strength and smell of your fragrances to ensure that you can design something truly unique. It’s also a good idea to be open to trying out various smell combinations so that you can get a wider opportunity to make sales. 

If you sell candles, your consumers will enjoy trying out various scents, and they could even come to you with requests for scent combinations. Blending perfumes is also a wonderful approach to finding a scent that fits the season. You can utilize everyday essences to make something completely different for Halloween or even Christmas, and give them a creative and exciting name. If you’ve been wanting inspiration recently and want to try something new, combining perfumes is a fantastic place to start.

If you’re wondering just how you can mix candle fragrance oils, here’s a simplified breakdown of the perfect method. 

First, you should isolate and research the notes of the fragrances you want to blend. The concept of fragrance notes is maybe the only component of fragrance blending that makes any scientific logic.

Every scent gradually spreads into the atmosphere. It’s either top note, middle note, or base note depending on how long it takes to completely evaporate. You’ll probably get a lot of contradictory advice on how to balance notes, but the truth is that you can mix any amount of fragrance oils with any other amount in any ratio (base, medium, top) you desire.

Next, you want to test out the fragrance oil blend you have settled for. Combine a few drops of what you have chosen on a q-tip, cotton ball, or paper towel and store for three days in a plastic bag or glass jar. This time allows the fragrance notes to get used to each other and become familiar. 

Next, you should make something more candle-like to test what you smell in the blotters and q-tips. You can mix your fragrance oil mixture with salt and put it on a wax melter/warmer if you don’t want to make entire wax melts.

Finally, make a whole candle using your new chemical project once you’ve run it through the testing process. Making an actual candle is the only way to determine if your blend will burn safely, smell good and perform effectively.


Getting into fragrance mixing is completely safe. Except if you are allergic to a particular scent, or chemical that is used to make up the scent. However there is no unsafe way to mix the oils. 

This mostly has to do with the process you need to use to mix the fragrance oils. There is no need for anything hazardous like fires or extra chemicals. The process is pretty simple and you never have to get confused. 

You might feel a little intimidated into thinking that there are a lot of scientific processes to mixing scents but that couldn’t be more wrong. Understanding the basics of fragrance chemistry and testing is beneficial, but there are no set rules for creating new smells. This is because the bulk of science fragrance deals with is actually in developing scents but blending them is something with unpredictable results. 

When you’re making new candles, there aren’t laws or principles. What you get are rather gentle suggestions that help in your journey to understanding fragrance blending. You’ll be completely safe and allowed to experiment. You can even do it at home because you don’t need any fancy equipment. 


Blending fragrances is first of all a lot of fun. You can take time out of a busy day and exercise your nose with new smells. It is incredibly relaxing. 

It’s also an excellent way to set your business apart. Customers are enticed to come again and again by bespoke scents that can’t be found anywhere else. You can even construct an entirely new fragrance collection without having to acquire, test, or evaluate new perfumes. You’ll get to have a lot more profit and clear off any bills you may have 

Blending is also a great way to exercise your creative muscles. You’ll have to come up with creative fragrance names, label designs, and other captivating branding ideas to be able to sell your new scent. 


The good news is that you don’t have to figure out every new scent on your own. Here are a few unique and tested scents you can use in your own candles.

1. Lavender + Baby Powder

2. Grapefruit and Mangosteen + Vetiver

3. White Tea + Rain Water

4. Dulce de Leche + Caramelized Pralines

5. Peach Nectar + Red Ginger Saffron

A word of caution

The above guide is aimed at someone who is planning to mix candle fragrance oils for their own candles or wax melts and for personal use. If you are planning to sell the candles or wax melts that you mixed the fragrances with you must make sure that you add all of the chemicals used to your warning labels.

Any candle or wax melt that is going to be sold as business must have clear and easy to read safety labels. For more information take a look at my guide to labels for candles and wax melts.


I hope this guide has helped you see how blending candle fragrance oils can be great. 

Mixing fragrance oils is a very safe and creative activity for those that create candles. Your business will enjoy a touch of exclusivity and you will have a lot of fun doing it.

Andrew Scents and Aroma