Does Aveeno Lotion Expire? (Lotion Safety)

Yes, Aveeno lotion expires after some time. The lotion bottle has an expiration date that states when it will expire, which is usually two years after the production date. Although this is just an estimate of when it will go bad, using the lotion after it expires can cause side effects. Also, an expired lotion has lost its efficacy so it is best to discard it and replace it.  

In this article, we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Does Aveeno lotion go bad?
  • How long does Aveeno lotion take before expiring?
  • Is Aveeno lotion safe to use when expired?
  • Can I still use an expired Aveeno lotion?
  • What are the side effects of using expired lotion?

Does Aveeno lotion go bad?

A phot of a bottle of Aveeno lotion showing the expiry date
Aveeno lotion is a very popular brand of moisturizer but does it expire?

Yes, Aveeno lotion goes bad with time. Due to the different ingredients used in making it, the lotion cannot last forever. Each active ingredient deteriorates with time, and even with preservatives, Aveeno lotion will go bad after some months just like other branded lotions expire.

Aveeno lotion is a product of Johnson & Johnson pharmaceutical. It is a clinically proven lotion that locks in moisture to prevent and protect dry skin. It also soothes itching skin. 

After opening the lotion, it will go bad over time. However, the expiration date does not always determine when the lotion will go bad. Storing your Aveeno lotion wrongly can make it go bad quickly. Exposing the lotion to heat, direct light, and moisture will definitely hasten its expiration.

The main telltale signs of expiration to look out for are:

  • Change in smell: Once it has gone bad or it is going bad, Aveeno lotion could have a bad odor. Once you notice that the lotion smells differently from how it smelled when you first opened it, you should discard it and get another one. 
  • Change in texture: Aveeno lotion is a mixture of many ingredients so the oil can separate from the lotion when it has gone bad, resulting in a change in texture. A strange texture can signal the expiration of the lotion.

How long does Aveeno lotion take before expiring?

The expiration date of Aveeno lotion varies. The date of expiration before opening is usually 2-3 years, and it is written on the package. However, after you open it, it is subject to gradual chemical changes. This will make it expire quicker than when it is still closed, especially because the container is not airtight. 

The date of expiration after opening is usually 2 years after the manufacturing date, and it is written on the bottom of the lotion. You should note that the date given is just an estimate in which after that, the manufacturers can no longer guarantee the safety of the lotion.

Aveeno lotion can expire within 1-2 years, depending on how you use and store it. It can end up getting bad before the expiring date or after the date. You should store your lotion in a cool and dry place, under room temperature to lengthen its life span. The cupboard is the best place to store it. 

Although you are most likely to use up your lotion before the expiry date, always check the date before buying so you won’t purchase one that is very close to expiring. Also, if you intend to use it for a long period, ensure to keep the expiry date in mind. 

Is Aveeno lotion safe to use when expired?

Using an expired Aveeno lotion is not particularly harmful. Besides the possible side effects that might surface, it is safe to use an expired lotion. Always do a patch test before using the lotion to see if it will cause any reaction. If you have sensitive skin, it is best to steer clear of expired skin products. 

Also, an expired lotion is not always bad. If it’s past the expiration date but the lotion still doesn’t look bad, you can keep on using it for a while. Nevertheless, the safest thing to do is to toss it out, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Can I still use an expired Aveeno lotion?

Yes, you can still use an expired lotion for a while. Given that the stated date is an estimate, you can use it for some time. However, If the lotion smells bad and its consistency has changed, it would become too irritating to use.

Although using an expired Aveeno lotion is okay, it will not be as effective as it should be. This is because the active ingredients break down with time, and at the time of expiration, they would have lost their efficacy.  

The moisturizing effect will be lost and the Aveeno lotion will neither moisturize your skin nor ease itching. The best thing to do is to dispose of it and replace it with a new one since it is no longer beneficial to the skin. 

What are the side effects of using expired lotion?

Using an expired Aveeno lotion can have side effects. Though you may not notice the difference, your skin will likely notice it. You might have skin irritation if you use an expired Aveeno lotion, especially if you have sensitive skin. 

Rashes, itches, and burns are common side effects of using an expired lotion. If you notice a rash outbreak or you notice that your body is itching after using an expired Aveeno lotion, you need to toss it out and replace it with a new one. 


Aveeno lotion has an expiration date and a shelf life of about 2 years. Although the expiration date estimates when the lotion is no longer good to use, sometimes it can outlive the date or expire before the date. A change in texture and smell can indicate that your lotion has gone bad. 

An expired Aveeno lotion will not be as effective as it used to be. Using the lotion beyond its expiration date can cause side effects like skin rash and itches. Once you notice that the lotion has expired, it is best to toss it out as soon as possible and replace it. 

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