Soy Wax vs Beeswax vs Paraffin wax Candles. (Which Is Best?)

A photo of a soy wax, beeswax and paraffin wax candles

Candles have come a long way since their initial use as a primary source of light. Even with the advent of electricity, their popularity has grown to encompass their new use. Candles are a potential source of heat and emission of fragrances. Before we delve into the new world of candles and their potential use … Read more

Are Yankee Candles Safe For Dogs? (Important Information)

A photo of 2 Yankee candles

Most people can’t deny how great scented candles are to make your home smell divine, and one of the most popular and best-scented candle brands is Yankee. However, while we humans clearly enjoy the wonderful aromas of scented candles, it’s easy to forget about our dogs and how they might affect them. If you’re a … Read more