Are Reed Diffusers Safe? (Read This Before Using)

The safety of reed diffusers is mostly dependent on the user, the way it is used and the essential oil used. The reed diffuser itself is quite safe to use, that is when you use pure essential oils instead of synthetic fragrances that are harmful to health.

In this article, we will be delving into the possible health risks of using a reed diffuser, if reed diffusers are more health-friendly than scented candles and if reed diffusers are safe for pets.


A photo of a selection of different scented reed diffusers
Reed diffusers are a beautiful little addition to your home that add amazing fragrances but are they safe?

Although the diffusion of essential oils has lots of health benefits, the use of reed diffusers can pose possible health dangers. This is why you need to check before you get a reed diffuser and if possible, meet your doctor to know if there are any danger signs to watch out for. However, these are some possible ways that the reed diffuser can endanger your health.

To reduce the risks I recommend using a natural reed diffuser such as this one available on Amazon as it will greatly reduce the risks.

Below are some of the ways that a reed diffuser may not be safe:

● Allergies are the most common health risks that come with using diffusers. Essential oil allergies include watery eyes, skin itch, runny nose, sneezing, congestions, etc. Before you use essential oil in your diffuser, do a patch test on your skin to make sure you are not reacting to it.

● Placing your reed diffuser in a room that is not properly ventilated will lead to a high concentration and can cause reactions like watery or itchy eyes. Besides this, it can also cause lung problems. Avoid running the reed diffuser for too long. It is best to use it for about 15 minutes at a go.

● Most artificial fragrances used in reed diffusers contain harmful chemicals which is why you need to check before getting one. Using synthetic fragrances or adulterated essential oils can affect the lungs and cause health issues.

● Not using the proper diffusion measurement can put your health at risk. Try mixing a few drops of essential oil (advisably not more than 10 drops) with a carrier oil. As beneficial as these oils may be, an overdose causes an adverse effect on one’s health.

● Some essential oils have also been found to affect hormones. Essential oils could lower or raise hormone levels. The likes of lavender and eucalyptus could disrupt development, cause reproductive changes and affect the immune system.


Here are some of the people who may want to avoid exposure to reed diffusers and the essential oils that they release.


Since these little ones’ body systems are still developing, exposing them to any health risk is unwise. Essential oils may be harmful to a baby’s skin as they may destroy the lipid barrier. Children are also more sensitive to reactions so it is best you avoid diffusing essential oils around children of 3-6 months.

You also don’t know where the curious legs of children will take them to. It is easy for a child to drink the content of the reed diffuser and this is harmful to their health. The content of synthetic fragrant is poisonous and so must be kept out of the reach of children.


People who have breathing problems like asthma, obstructive pulmonary disease, and other breathing difficulties should seek the doctor’s advice before choosing an essential oil for the reed diffuser. Some essential oils like lavender, tea tree oil, and eucalyptus are known to contain terpene, benzene, etc, which causes breathing problems. Completely avoid using diffusers around babies who are likely to develop or already do have asthma.


Pregnant women should avoid using diffusers, especially in their first trimester. Although not scientifically proven, this might be harmful to the baby’s health and so, doctors advise that they should steer clear of essential oils during this period. However, still consult with your doctor if you want to do aromatherapy.


Yes, a reed diffuser is a healthier option than scented candles. I know we all love the aesthetics of scented candles, but if you are considering a long-term diffusing method, the reed diffuser is a better option.

The reed diffuser operates by absorbing the oil into the reeds and then, the reeds gradually give off the scent. On the other hand, scented candles give off their scent through burning which can produce soot that is not good for your health.

During the burning process, some of the benefits of the essential oil molecules are broken down by heat by fractioning the oil. Therefore, the reed diffuser has more health benefits than the scented candles as it gives you the full benefits of aromatherapy.

Another health disadvantage of the
scented candle is that you cannot really regulate the quantity of essential oil being dispersed. However, the reed diffuser gives you the opportunity to measure the amount of essential oil to be used. This way, you can decide how much is healthy for you to inhale


Reed diffusers are not safe for pets. It is not the diffuser itself that is harmful, but what is put in it. Animals have a far stronger sense of smell and the strong nature of essential oils can irk them easily.

Dogs can get gastrointestinal upsets from ingesting essential oils. It can also cause nervous system or respiratory problems. In worse scenarios, the behavior of the dog might change.

Cats do not have enzymes capable of processing phenols which are found in most essential oils and this can lead to liver failure.

The list of essential oils that are not suitable for pets is lengthy and this is why you should avoid putting your pets in such a fix. If you have to distill essential oil, always make sure your pet is not around or, leave the door open for them to leave when they do not feel comfortable.

While essential oils are not advised for pets, the type of diffuser that does the least damage is the reed diffuser. This is because it does not disperse mist like most others and so, it does not get to the skin of your pets. The only problem they face is inhaling the aroma.


Reed diffusers are quite safe for most people and are considered healthier than scented candles. Reed diffusers don’t only serve as a healthy way to disperse pleasant scents, it also has decorative features.

When going for reed diffusers and the essential oil to use in them, make sure you see a doctor first to know what is best to use, especially if you have health issues. Once you do this, you can sit down and enjoy the aroma

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