Why Are My Soy Wax Candles Sweating?

There are varieties of waxes from which you can produce various candles. These wax types include granulated wax, paraffin wax, palm wax, soy wax, etc (read more about the different wax types in this guide). Each of these wax is known for its peculiar performance properties and qualities. However, Soy wax is an extract from soybeans, it’s 100% natural and has numerous advantages over others.

Candles made from this wax burn slower, last longer, burn cleaner, and do not emit black soot, unlike their counterparts. Interestingly, soy wax candles are not void of some associated issues even with these good qualities. These issues range from cracking and wet spots to soothing, large flames and sweating which is our main focus here. One may now ask, ‘What is sweating? Why would Soy wax candles sweat’ and how can it be stopped? 

If you are in this category then you are in the right place. This article gives detailed answers to these questions. It will certainly help you to overcome this challenge, read on!

A photo of a soy wax candle that appears to be sweating
It can be hard to achieve the perfect Soy wax candle but with this guide you will learn how to stop it from sweating.

The quick answer

I know not everyone will want to read in detail what soy wax candle sweating is and why it happens or how to stop it. So I will give you the quick answer to the question first. If you want to know what you can do about it though I really would read on as this article will be packed with valuable information.

So why do Soy wax candles sweat? Put simply, due to the Soy waxes composition and the process in which it is manufactured (hydrogenated) natural wax sweating can occur. This can be further enhanced by using additives such as fragrance oils which can sometimes if incorrectly used only partially bind to the wax.

What Is Soy Wax Candle Sweating?

Before we dive into the problem and how to solve it, let’s first understand what a Soy wax candle sweating means. 

By the term sweating, some people may want to liken it to human sweat. Although they are similar in the sense that they are all caused by temperature variations. But they differ in composition and other aspects as we will find out later.

Soy Wax candles usually come in containers because of their low melting point when compared to traditional waxes. Although it can also come in pillar candles with the addition of some additives into the Soy wax. 

However, Soy wax candle sweating is a term that refers to the puddles of oil seen on the candle surface. Have you noticed any thin layer of oil around the surface of your soy wax candle during hot weather? That is what we refer to as ‘sweating’. Whenever the soy wax candle experiences temperature variations, the natural oils dissociate from the soy wax. Some quantities of this oil settle as pools at the top to form candle sweats

Why Do Soy Wax Candles Sweat? 

The composition of  Soy wax Candles is its major weak point. Although many people prefer it because of its durability, it’s a hydrogenated candle. This means that Soy Wax candles naturally pose a high oil content and can easily sweat in some conditions. Exposing the soy wax candle to high temperatures, heat or humidity would easily cause sweating. Examples include; sunlight, rooms with temperature variations, radiators or hotter and damper conditions. Naturally, this type of Candle strives best in a cool environment. 

However, several other factors can cause your Soy wax candle sweating. It could either be a loophole from the user or the producer. Most times, it could be a combination of several factors or simply common mistakes or ignorance of some producers. Let’s see how?

  •  If as a producer, your choice of fragrance oil doesn’t suit the soy wax (there could be some chemical reactions).
  • When you add the fragrance oil late, probably the soy wax will congeal leaving the fragrance oil unevenly dispersed
  • If you are unable to stir the soy wax and fragrance oil mixture evenly to produce a perfect homogenous mixture.
  • When you add more than the recommended fragrance, the fragrance oil load will exceed the weight of the wax. The mixture will not blend well and the resultant effect will be sweating.

If you would like to learn more about fragrance oils and essential oils check out this guide that i wrote.

Ways to Stop Soy Wax Candles from Sweating 

You may now be wondering if it’s possible to stop your soy wax candle from sweating. Here is the good news, you can stop the sweating and even avoid it totally if you are ready to adopt the right practice. It doesn’t matter if there was excess fragrance oil in the soy wax candle during its production.

 However I do highly recommend buying good fragrance oils to start with as they will bind much more readily with the Soy wax. Take a look at these fragrance oils which i have used in my own candles.

If this is one of your priorities now, then follow these few tips.

  •  The first recommended step is to wipe the oil off your sweating candle. Get a tissue or paper towel and gently clean off the excess oil.
  • Then, move the soy wax candle to a room with a stable temperature. If it’s exposed to direct sunlight, move it away from the doors or windows where the sun rays can’t reach. What your soy wax candle requires is a stable and cool temperature, it should stop sweating once this is achieved.
  •  Make it a habit to store your soy wax candle in a cool dry place devoid of any heat penetration.
  •  Consider storing your candle at floor level if where you are living gets hot during the summer. It’s also a good idea if you use AC in that room, it may give the candle a more stable temperature.
  • If you bought so many soy wax candles and you only use them gradually for special occasions, wrap them up. You can use a paper bag to maintain cleanliness and then store them in a floor-level cabinet. The paper bag will help reduce heat penetration and maintain its stable temperature.


Your Soy Wax Candle can sweat for various reasons but it’s not an issue that you should worry about. Although it’s something you should look into closely at least to understand why it’s happening. It’s important to note that sweating in soy wax candles does not in any way affect their quality, durability, and overall performance. This is true mostly when the candle sweat due to temperature variations. But may not be entirely true when the cause of the sweating is an excess fragrance oil

However, if you notice that your soy wax candle sweats due to the wrong gauge of fragrance oil, it’s better not to burn that candle. You should take this seriously for safety reasons. Raw fragrance oils are inflammable and having them come in direct contact with the soy wax candle flame is dangerous. It can lead to a serious fire risk. As a producer, it’s advisable to stick to the manufacturer’s instructions while adding fragrance oil into your soy wax.

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