14 Pros And Cons Of Coconut Wax Candles You Should Know

Coconut wax candles have increased in popularity over the years for the right reasons. However, before you go ahead and buy one, let us make sure that it is the best for your needs. Read on for the 14 pros and cons of coconut wax candles that you need to know. 

A photo of a coconut tealight candle in half a coconut shell
Coconut wax candles are the next big thing in the candle making world, find out the pros and cons here.

Pros of coconut wax candles 

Here are some of the huge pros or benefits of coconut wax candles.

Environmentally friendly 

One of the most profound advantages of coconut wax candles is that they are sustainable and eco-friendly. So, if you are interested in saving the planet, coconut wax candles are an excellent fit. 

Learn more about each wax type and its own benefits and drawbacks in this article I wrote.

Obtained through a natural process 

Coconut wax is derived through hydrogenation. Hydrogenation is a process that transforms coconut oil into wax. After hydrogenation, the wax is cleaned, filtered, and transformed into 100% biodegradable and natural wax. 

The entire process is organic and causes a minimal environmental impact. It also guarantees ecological preservation without harming the environment. 

Coconut wax is not associated with deforestation 

Most of the time, natural products are usually produced in large quantities. Sadly, mass production often leads to their natural decline. However, coconuts grow on coconut trees that don’t require herbicides or pesticides. Apart from this, farmers don’t need giant tractors to harvest them. 

Coconut is a high-yield and renewable crop. This means that you don’t need many coconuts for a sizable product. As a result, it is one of the most sustainable and eco-friendly waxes in the market. Apart from this, you can rest assured that coconuts will still grow on the tree without needing to plant another one. Why? An average coconut tree can live up to 60-80 years. 

In fact coconut wax is far more sustainable than the ever popular soy wax used in most candles.

Coconut wax provides an even and slow burn 

Coconut wax candles burn evenly and slower than any other candle wax. The candle also holds fragrances and provides lasting scents. Unlike other candles, you will enjoy an even burn, and some parts won’t stick to the sides. 

Not genetically modified 

Coconut wax candles are not genetically modified. It means that the producers don’t add anything to it during production. Coconuts are naturally resistant to fire and insects because of their hard and protective exterior.

Smokeless and soot-free 

Have you ever noticed black marks on the wall or side of your candle? That is soot, and it is toxic. Soot is the black smoke released into the air by a candle that does not burn cleanly. A candle that smokes and releases soot is a potential health hazard. 

When in use, these candles release toxic fumes and volatile compounds that trigger asthma and migraine. As a result, a candle that doesn’t release toxic fumes but burns cleanly is an ideal alternative.

Thankfully, coconut candles don’t release soot; hence, they are not toxic. Coconut candles burn for a long time, and most of the chemicals used during extraction – if any, are removed during refinement. 

The only wax that burns cleaner and goes as far as removing pollutants from the air is Beeswax, read more here.

Coconut candles offer superior scent throw 

Coconut candles hold a lot of scents. As a result, it is ideal for scenting with essential oils and fragrance oils. Apart from holding scent, coconut candles also have a great cold and hot throw. 

When you open a jar to smell the candle, it will offer the same smell when you light it. Other waxes smell different when you burn them. This feature will make your purchase easy as you can conveniently pick the scent you want. 

Coconut wax also offers a superior scent throw when you heat it. Because of this, you can use the candle for essential oils without having a weak scent. 

Great aesthetics  

Coconut wax has a pure white or cream color. As a result, it makes an ideal choice for natural colorants. If you want, you can dye your candle into any color to enhance its aesthetics. 

No pre-heat needed for adhesion 

Besides aesthetics, coconut wax candles have great jar adhesion. Unlike other wax types, you don’t need to pre-heat your jar before using the candle. Instead, you can place the candle in the container at any temperature and still enjoy the aroma. 

No more worrying about wet spots on your homemade candles!

Easy to use 

It is easy to make coconut wax candles. This is because coconut melts quickly and pours easily. It also burns with most wick types. However, like other natural waxes, coconut wax has a long curing time. 

Cons of coconut wax candles 

There may not be many, but here are the cons or negatives to using coconut wax to make candles.

Low melting point 

Coconut wax has a low melting point. This is because it is a soft wax. As a result, shipping the wax, especially in the summer, can be challenging as heat can ruin the pure wax. 

Due to its low melting points, most coconut wax is often blended with paraffin, soy, or beeswax to stabilize it. This also prevents it from melting easily. However, you will be better off without paraffin because of health concerns. 

Limited candle options 

You can’t make some candles with coconut wax. This is also because of its low melting point. These types of candles require a blend like beeswax that holds up to heat. 

Costly to produce 

The entire production process and the fact that the candle has a low melting point makes them more expensive than most. As a result, coconut candle wax costs more per pound. 

Manufacturers and transparency 

Although this is not about coconut wax itself, we should still mention it. Most times, the name “all-natural wax” gets thrown about a lot. Because of this, most trusting buyers don’t end up with pure coconut wax. Since the wax is costly and not easy to ship, candle makers prefer to mix it with another blend. In other words, it is not always an all-natural wax. 


Coconut wax candles are the most sustainable and eco-friendly option compared to other waxes. Although it is almost impossible for a candle to produce no soot, coconut wax candles produce the least soot and smoke compared to other wax types. The candles also hold and throw scent extremely well. 

While some buyers do have genuine concerns, they are a terrific option you should try out. Rightly so, the candle is not available at different melting points and is very expensive. However, the pros far outweigh the cons. 

And yes, you can make coconut wax candles yourself. 

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