10 Most Popular Natural Candle Scents – Are You Familiar?

Scented candles can actually help to boost, eliminate, or evoke different moods, memories, and feelings, especially aromas like the ones that I will be talking about in this article.

Some aromas can calm your anxiety, while others can boost your energy by releasing positive chemicals in your brain. In this article, I will list 10 of the most popular Natural candle scents.

I will discuss their benefits and how these scents can help you build a comfortable environment that can unlock peace. Without further ado, let’s learn more about candle scents.

Candles consist of both pure essential oils and fragrance oils mixed with wax at the proper temperature. The amazing part? Different scents have different benefits for your being. The following section explains some of the most popular candle scents and their benefits, so let’s take a look.


Natural scented candles can do miracles for your well-being.

Nothing gets fresher than lemon. It’s a scent with antiviral properties. Meaning, it’s great for improving your immune system. It’s also excellent for fighting fatigue and boosting energy.

People also like lemon because it has calming effects and promotes concentration. It’s very uplifting and energizing, so if you’re looking for something strong, look no further than lemon.


This go-to scent for candle-making has a bunch of benefits such as calming nerves and releasing tensions which cause migraines and headaches. Furthermore, it’s excellent for solving sleep issues.

Just light up a lavender candle in your bedroom before going to sleep and watch your insomnia jump out of the window. It’s also great for reducing anxiety and stress, helps treat alopecia areata as well as PTSD, reduces brain edema, and eases PMS. So, it’s a very popular candle scent for many reasons.


Jasmine is one of the most popular natural candle fragrances and for good reason.

Another common floral fragrance that also relieves stress and anxiety and produces feelings of positivity and confidence is Jasmine. It’s a well-known natural remedy for stress and anxiety.

I personally like jasmine because it’s a mood elevator. And I need something to boost my mood at times. It can also help you fall asleep easier or increase your concentration when needed.


If you’re searching for a scent that will get you started in the morning, then rosemary is the ideal option for you. It’s not only a great warrior against both mental and physical fatigue but also improves memory, focus, and blood circulation. It’s also a great immune system booster and mood elevator.


Just like rosemary, cinnamon improves focus and concentration. However, it also helps with relaxation, eases headaches, boosts mental alertness, and relieves mental fatigue.

Cinnamon can also help your upset stomach. Therefore, if you’re looking for a lovely scent that will help you relax or improve your visual focus, look no further than cinnamon.


This minty scent stimulates clear thinking. Meaning, it’s another energy booster and mood elevator. It’s also utilized for muscle aches, headaches, itching, and repelling insects.

I would also like to add that the refreshing aroma of peppermint increases alertness, improves memory, and helps people manage stress, mental fatigue, and nervous disorders.


Pine is a wonderfully relaxing sent that can help to unwind and get rid of tension and anxiety.

The pine scent is ideal for decreasing stress levels and anxiety. Additionally, people utilize pine essential oil to soothe dryness, inflammation, itchiness, prevent fungal infections, manage excessive perspiration, enhance circulation, protect minor abrasions from developing infections, etc.

Fresh-cut grass

The smell of fresh-cut grass can leave you feeling relaxed, calm, and joyful without the hassle of actually mowing your grass. It’s a powerful scent that can improve your mental and physical well-being.

It’s also a scent that reminds people of outdoor greenery which can reduce muscle tension, lower stress levels, improve focus and attention, and increase feelings of serenity, happiness, and joyfulness.


Who doesn’t love the sweet and appealing smell of fresh vanilla.

Vanilla is a classic scent for candle making. I love vanilla! And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love this warm and comforting scent that increases your happiness and relaxes you at the same time.

People utilize vanilla essential oils for relieving PMS symptoms, decreasing inflammation, lowering blood pressure, boosting libido, fighting infection, decreasing depression and anxiety, and relaxing.


Last but not least, I want to mention one of the most refreshing and fruity scents for candles –  apples! They’re known for shortening migraine episodes, controlling blood pressure, decreasing migraine pain, and helping weight loss. The scent of spiced apples can also help with meditation.

How To Choose The Right Candle Scent?

There are so many different natural scented candles to choose from.

Just pick up the candle scent and smell it! It’s very simple! However, if you’re not able to physically smell the candle yourself, you can think about the four seasons in the year and what each one awakens in you. The following tips can serve as a basic guideline on how to choose the right candle scent.


Spring reminds many people of new beginnings, freshness, rebirth, new hope, and joy. You can see buds and blossoms appearing all around and hanging out with the sun that’s lingering longer in the day.

You can also notice new scents like fresh fruit, peony, bluebells, and citrus. They all represent this joyful season. Therefore, if you’re looking for spring scents, look no further than sweet and fresh florals.


This season is marked by outdoor living, hot and bright days, family holidays as well as enjoying a day at the beach. It’s a season filled with lovely scented flowers in different colors, sweet summer fruits, fresh greenery, etc. Therefore, fragrances like citrus, fresh air, and sea salt make excellent candle scents.

You can pick something fresh with floral undertones or sweet citrus mix with blossom middle notes and geranium bottom notes. Other popular summer scents include pink citrus, grapefruit, pineapple, etc.

Winter & autumn

These two seasons remind people of orange and brown colors appearing and leaves falling. They also remind of deep and rich tones, fireplace, and darker nights. Thus, woody and spicy scents make a perfect choice for this time of year.

In winter and autumn, people opt for candles with deductive scents such as jasmine, amber, cinnamon, pumpkin, and vanilla. They all make a great choice for candles, especially in autumn as a preparation for the long and colder days ahead.

As you can notice, you can find a bunch of scent choices for each season. Therefore, don’t be scared to ask a professional for advice. For instance, ask candle makers or shop assistants for help before you pick the fragrances for your candles.

I would also like to mention that you don’t have to settle for one scent only. Go wild! Experiment with a wide range of scents until you find the right blend that awakens every sense in your body or relaxes you like nothing else in the world.

Furthermore, if you’re purchasing a candle as a gift, ask the manufacturer for help because most usually have a good idea of which scents make a great choice for different age groups, styles, careers, etc. Good luck and happy choosing!

Happiness Is The Smell Of Scented Candles!

I would like to finish off this article with one last popular natural candle scent which is chocolate. As you already know, chocolate is a natural aphrodisiac, so it’s perfect for uplifting your mood.

Chocolate also has soothing effects in cases of stress and tension. Therefore, if this is something that appeals to you, buy or make a chocolate-scented candle. What’s your favorite candle scent?

Drop your opinions, questions, and suggestions in the comments. Let’s continue the talk below! Also, if you gained any value from this article, don’t forget to share it with other candle enthusiasts.

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