How To Burn Wax Melts If You Do Not Have A Burner

Wax melts are fragranced chunks of wax, just like the ones you would find in candle jars. However, they don’t have the wick! To fill your home or office with a lovely smell, just heat up and melt your wax melts utilizing an electric burner or tea light heated burner.

However, if you don’t have either of these things, don’t worry! In this article, I will share other methods that can successfully replace a burner. I will also teach you how to reuse wax melts. That being said, let’s learn how to burn wax melts without a burner easily.

How To Burn Wax Melts If You Do Not Have A Burner?

Melting wax melts is a great way to wrap your home or office in lovely fragrance and make it feel better and fresher. And if you don’t have a burner, don’t worry because you can try other methods.

Below, I will share 5 quick and easy methods that include necessary materials that you may already have at home. Just pick one of the next methods and your home will be filled with scent in no time.

Method 1: Mason jar

A Mason jar can be used for your wax melts if you do not have a wax burner.

The mason jar method makes a great choice for those who aren’t prohibited from utilizing candles.

You will need a mason jar, tealight candle, a lighter or match that’s long enough to get inside the mason jar, and a shallow dish. It’s one of the most complex methods, however, it’s not hard to complete.

Just drop the tealight candle to the bottom of the mason jar. Then, utilizing your match or lighter, light it inside.

Lastly, put the shallow dish on top of the mason jar and add some wax melts to the dish. The heat from the tealight candle will heat the wax melts and melt them, releasing the scent as it does.

Method 2: Stove

This method is ideal for people who can’t utilize candles in their homes. You will obviously need a stove, a small and medium pot, and some water. It’s a simple method that doesn’t require any special skills or materials. It’s something everyone can do with a few common household items.

First of all, warm a small portion of water in the medium-sized pot. Then, position the smaller pot in the water and add your wax melts to the smaller pot.

To avoid the annoying clean-up, you can place a coffee filter inside the smaller pot before adding the wax melts to it to contain the wax.

Method 3: Microwave

Another effective method that doesn’t utilize a flame is the microwave method. All you will need for this method is your wax melts and microwave-safe bowl, preferably glass.

Once you get your glass microwave-safe bowl, just place your wax melts into the bowl, utilizing a coffee filter to line it if you don’t want to handle the annoying clean-up, and put it in the microwave for about 10 seconds. Then, take the glass bowl out of the microwave and stir the wax.

Put the bowl back into the microwave for another 10 seconds. Then, stir again. Repeat the process until you get a honey-like consistency. Once it’s done, place it wherever you want.

Method 4: Hot plate

If you have a hot plate on hand, now it’s time to use it! It’s another amazing flameless method that’s not preferred by many because not everyone has this utensil at home.

As you already suppose, you will need a hot plate, a heat-safe bowl, and your wax melts. First of all, put the small bowl on top of the hot plate at a low setting so that it doesn’t get too hot. Then, add a couple of wax melts and let them melt as they heat up.

Method 5: Cold throw

The cold throw method sounds complicated. However, it’s actually very straightforward. Just place your wax melts in a dish. This method relies on the fragrance that comes off of your wax melts without having it heat up. The intensity of the scent depends on the brand of the wax melts.

Some brands provide a strong enough scent while others don’t. And if you utilize wax without a scent, then you can easily get a strong scent by adding your favorite fragrance. And once the scent evaporates, simply add some more fragrance and repeat the process over and over again.

Are Wax Melts Harmful?

We know some candles can be harmful bit what about wax melts.

According to studies, the level of chemicals coming out of candles is below the amount that would cause health problems in people.

The same goes for wax melts. At this time, there’s not enough evidence that melting wax melts or burning candles is damaging to people’s health.

However, both wax melts and candles pose health risks if your pets manage to knock these things over and spill them on themselves or step on them.

Furthermore, if your pets get the wax on the fur, it can get their tongue burned when trying to lick the wax off, so keep that in mind.

Additionally, keep in mind that about 70% of scented wax melts and candles contain lead, paraffin wax, benzene, and fake aromas that can negatively affect your pets’ health.

Therefore, when buying wax melts or candles, look for pet-friendly and non-toxic ones that will keep your home smelling lovely but your pets safe as well.

Can You Reuse Wax Melts?

If you don’t want to toss your old wax melts, you can reuse them for different purposes. The next steps can help you reuse your wax melts that have lost their beautiful scent.

  • If you have a drawer somewhere around your home that catches when you use it, just add some wax on the rails and ensure a smooth glide.
  • If you’re a survivalist or camper, you can make a fire starter utilizing old wax and dryer lint since dryer lint is super flammable, and the wax helps it to burn longer.
  • If the ends of your shoelaces turn frayed, you can melt a little wax onto them. Then, roll the wax between your fingers to create a new tip.
  • Melt your wax into different shapes utilizing a mold. Then, utilize these shapes as decorations in your home.
  • You can rub some wax on your old zippers and make them glide smoothly again.
  • You can also use your old wax to fix dents and dings in wood floors or wood furniture.
  • Utilize old wax as a letter seal and let your internal Victorian character out!

Happiness Is Burning Wax Melts!

Candles aren’t the only option, nor is it always the greatest option for adding fragrance to your home, office, or any other area.

Wax melts make a perfect option as well but not everyone has a burner at home. And hopefully, this article can help you learn how to burn wax melts without a burner.

Do you have a favorite method for burning wax melts without a burner yet? Or maybe you would like to share a method that’s not mentioned above?

If so, drop a comment below! Let’s keep the conversation going! Also, share this article where you see fit with other wax melts enthusiasts!

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