Can You Use A Bath Bomb In An Outdoor Hot Tub? (Important)

Yes, you can use bath bombs in your outdoor hot tub, but precautions have to be taken when doing so. Bath bomb particles could clog up the jet over time if you do not thoroughly clean the hot tub after using a bath bomb. This could lead to the breakdown of your hot tub. 

In this article, we will be discussing the following topics:

  • Will a bath bomb break an outdoor hot tub?
  • Is it safe to use a bath bomb in a hot tub?
  • Is it safe to use bath bombs that contain Epsom salt in a hot tub?
  • Why should you use bath bombs in a hot tub?
  • How to clean the hot tub after bath bomb use.
A photo of a bath bomb in an outdoor hot tub
Using a bath bomb in an outdoor hot tub will add beautiful color and aroma to your hot tub but can it break it?

Will a Bath Bomb Break an Outdoor Hot Tub? 

Yes, a bath bomb can break your outdoor hot tub if it is not used cautiously. There are many precautions to be taken when using bath bombs in a hot tub. 

While bath bombs are great and fizzy, their composition harms the jets in your hot tub. Bath bombs often contain extras like glitters, confetti, and flower petals. These solid ingredients will not easily flush out of the jet system and filters, and if the tub is not thoroughly cleaned after a few uses, the hot tub might break down or malfunction. 

Besides this, bath bombs contain oils that will leave residues on the hot tub, eventually clogging the pipes and jets. They could also stick to the wall of the tub and stain it. It is essential to use bath bombs infrequently and only when ready to clean your hot tub thoroughly. 

Is it Safe to Use a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

Using bath bombs in a hot tub is only safe when proper care is taken. Bath bombs often contain extras like glitters and petals that don’t dissolve in water. When left uncleaned, these particles build up and clog the jets and pipes, destroying your outdoor hot tub. 

To safely use bath bombs, tie them in a nylon sock or a fabric cloth. This way, the fizzle is released while the extras are held in the cloth. Doing this will reduce the risk of breaking down. 

However, the danger doesn’t only lie in the extra ingredients. Even the oils added to bath bombs can clog the jet. The thickness of essential oils, especially, allows oil residues to build up and block the jet. 

So, to avoid any possible damage to your outdoor hot tub, ensure that you properly clean the tub after 2-3 times. Also, do not use bath bombs often to avoid the stress of always cleaning your tub. 

Is it Safe to Use Bath Bombs that Contain Epsom Salt in a Hot Tub?

No, bath bombs that contain Epsom salt should not be used in the hot tub. Some bath bombs contain Epsom salt, which has healing and soothing properties. Epsom salt is made of magnesium, sulfate, and oxygen.

Magnesium is an alkaline chemical compound that can corrode a hot tub’s plumbing. Epsom salt can also affect the PH balance of the water and alter its chemistry. The most common chemical in hot tubs is chlorine, and Epsom salts and chlorine must not be mixed. This will cause fast burns for anyone using the hot tub. 

While it’s safe to use bath bombs as long as the right measures are taken, bath bombs containing Epsom salt should be completely avoided. Opt for other bath bombs that do not contain Epsom salt or magnesium.

Why Should You Use a Bath Bomb in a Hot Tub?

Bath bombs add that extra spa-like effect to bathing. The burst of color and the dry-packed ingredients will leave you feeling refreshed and better after a soak. 

However, bath bomb particles could clog up the jet over time, causing it to malfunction or break down. Not everyone can take up the extra task of maintaining a hot tub after using bath bombs. If you don’t mind constantly cleaning the tub, you can use bath bombs in the tub.

Also, if you must use bath bombs in your hot tub, avoid ones that contain Epsom salt. It is also advisable to use the ones that do not contain extra ingredients like glitters, petals, and confetti. If you cannot find the ones without extras, use a porous cloth to contain the bath bomb to hold in these extra ingredients.

Fortunately, considering the need to make bath bombs that are hot tub friendly, some manufacturers have created bath bombs specifically for hot tubs. These bath bombs do not contain any component that can clog the jet system. So, for a safer experience, use bath bombs specially designed for hot tubs. 

How to Clean a Hot Tub after Using a Bath Bomb

After using bath bombs, you need to clean the hot tub to eradicate any particles that could clog up the jet. You should do this cleanup after two to three times of using bath bombs. Here are some steps to follow when cleaning your hot tub

  1. Run a very hot bath with dish soap for at least 30 minutes to clean the oil residue. It is best to use dish soap that doesn’t form bubbles.
  1. Run another hot bath with one or two caps full of bleach for at least 30 minutes. The bleach will sanitize the tub.
  1. Run a cold bath for at least 30 minutes to flush out any remaining bleach, soap, and particles.

If there are still any particles left in the jet, you can use a toothbrush to brush them out and rinse after to flush them out. 


Using bath bombs in an outdoor hot tub is safe if you are willing to take proper measures to prevent clogging. Bath bombs often contain essential and carrier oils, glitters, confetti, or flower petals that do not dissolve in water. If left over time, these substances will build up and clog the filter and jet, causing harm to your hot tub. 

When using bath bombs, use them infrequently and also place them in a porous cloth to trap the undissolvable ingredients. Also, thoroughly clean your tub after two to three uses. However, you must completely avoid bath bombs containing Epsom salt, which harms you and your hot tub as it changes the water chemistry. 

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