Do Candles Set Off Smoke Alarms? (Interesting)

Yes, candles could set off smoke alarms but this is very rare. Generally, a candle cannot produce enough smoke to set off a smoke alarm. However, when you light many candles in a room, close to the smoke detector, and blow them out all at once, you might just trigger the alarm system. In this … Read more

Candle Flame Meanings, Can Candles Be Spiritual?

Candle flames can have different spiritual meanings based on their colors and how they burn. For example, while it is pretty common to see regular candles burning with blue or orange flames, there are other colors, such as black and blue, and all these colors have their spiritual meanings.This article discusses the different candle flame … Read more

Are Candles Cheaper Than Electricity? (Money Saving?)

Candles are cheaper than electricity, primarily when used on a short-term basis. And this is because the cost of purchasing and running candlelight is less than the cost of electricity. Also, installing candlelight doesn’t require technicians or other highly trained professionals. In this article, we’ll be looking at if it is genuinely cost-effective to use … Read more

Is Burning Candles Bad For Your Lungs? (The Truth)

Candles are one versatile product that are used for different purposes like as a light source, holiday decorations, creating romantic atmospheres, fragrance, etc. The harmful chemicals produced by burning candles are not enough to cause lung problems if used correctly and sparingly. However, in the long run, it could be harmful to your health, particularly … Read more

Can You Mix Candle Fragrance Oils? (Safety Tips)

Scented candles are meant to bring a beautiful and appealing scent to your home or space. So many fragrances already exist but you may sometimes want new and exciting ones, or you may just feel like doing some experimenting! This is why the question of whether you can mix candle fragrance oils comes about, In … Read more

Are Palm Wax Candles Toxic?

With candles, you have a nearly endless selection when it comes to choosing the size, shape, scent, and color that best suits your home decor style. However, did you know that candles can also be made with different types of wax?  Candles have traditionally been made from synthetic waxes, such as paraffin, which burn quickly … Read more

Which Wax Makes The Most Sootless Candles? (Healthy Candles)

Through a combination of scent and sight, lighting a candle nearly instantly changes the mood and stimulates the senses. A selection of deliciously fragrant candles is available, from apple cinnamon to crisp white linen. But if you look deeper, you’ll see that not all candles are made from the same type of wax, even if … Read more

Are Bath And Body Works Candles Toxic? (Important Read)

With its wide selection of scented products, Bath and Body Works has been dazzling consumers since the 90s. They have lotions, soaps, and candles that provide a soothing scent and a calming effect throughout the house.  However, there is a darker side. Bath and Body Works candles contain chemicals that can be dangerous and toxic. … Read more

Oil Diffusers Vs Scented Candles (Which Is Better?)

There are many options when it comes to adding a scent to your home. In the past, you didn’t have much choice between a scented candle and potpourri. Nowadays, thankfully, there are lots more options and the ranges are increasing year on year. When you have so many different options, it can be hard to choose what’s best. A … Read more

4 Awesome Ways To Color Candles Naturally (At Home)

Store-bought candles are convenient, but they can’t beat how it feels to light a candle that you have made, colored, scented, and poured yourself. These days, more and more people are looking for ways to dye their candles more naturally, especially if they’re using a natural wax like beeswax or soy wax. In this article, we’ll … Read more