Is Soy Wax Eco-Friendly And Sustainable? (Know The Facts)

A photo showing an eco-friendly stamp on a soy wax candle package

People across the globe are becoming more and more aware of our need to be kinder to the planet. Once upon a time, we thought nothing of lighting up a paraffin wax candle. Recently, however, we’ve generally started to realise that burning candles isn’t as sustainable as we would like it to be. As we … Read more

Are Soy Wax Candles Safe? (Is Soy Wax Toxic)

A selection of soy wax candles that I made in pink sands scent

When we shop for candles, the aroma and scent are often the first things we consider. However, they shouldn’t be the only considerations we make. Considering candle safety is really important – and by this, it’s not just the naked flame we’re talking about, but the ingredients of the candle itself. There are many different … Read more